Dreaming of a new bathroom

Dreaming of a new bathroom

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We are at that stage in life where we are starting to think about making purchases for things we’ve never had to buy before; things like kitchens and bathrooms. It’s all a bit daunting if I’m honest, and it is such a big and important purchase that we want to spend time getting it right.

We are a bit undecided about the kitchen, and whether we might extend our home at some point. Our thoughts, therefore for the moment at least, are focused on the bathroom and doing something exciting with that.

Our bathroom is quite dated to say the least, and one of my (not so secret) hobbies is to scour Rightmove and the such for local houses that are on the market. We have no real desire to move house, but I do like to see what’s out there and get ideas for how other people have decorated their homes. One thing I’m always drawn to are the bathrooms. Our bathroom has a lot of wasted space at the moment and I think we could create a really beautiful family bathroom.

Bathrooms have been subject to interesting trends over the years and I it’s always easy enough to spot bathrooms that are relatively newly refurbished as trends are so clear at the moment. I personally like to see lots of crisp clean lines and I find that pastel colours always look very good – and can be added to with larger pops of colour with towels.

Whilst the monchrome trend seems to be fading a little it does provide for an edgy bathroom design and can look really good in the right type of property.

I’m keen to get our own bathroom design right and have been busy getting lots of bathroom ideas from Harrogate Showroom.

I think I’m leaning towards the earthy type tones at the moment, sage greens and the such. I like the warmth of these colours and their natural feel will make for a nice relaxing space, I can imagine autumnal nights relaxing in the bath with a good book and a nice warm towel waiting for me… the next steps are to put our dream into reality and really get to work on designing our bathroom space.


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