Early Chapter Books for Vociferous Readers

Early Chapter Books for Vociferous Readers

My eldest has reached that stage where he can’t help but read – every spare moment is taken up with reading, and that is not an exaggeration. He will read from the moment he wakes up to the moment he falls asleep. It makes me sad, in some ways, that those hours of snuggled up cuddles on the sofa are gone with him but I am excited at the world opening up ahead of him as he loses himself in a book.

Finding the right chapter books for him has been a bit of a challenge – he tells me he likes books with the colourful pictures, but picture books aren’t challenging enough for him. We have, in the last month or two, had a few deliveries of books for him. I’ve left them out on the side for him and he’s helped himself. Here I share the chapter books that have taken his eye and he has read and enjoyed. Bearing in mind that he is five (six in October) but I suspect his reading age is higher. Please note that the links that follow are affiliate links, these don’t cost you any more, but if you do click on them and go on to purchase, I make a few pence (which helps me keep this blog going)

First, up the Invasion of the Giant Nits but Gareth P Jones (Illustrated by Steve May) had Daniel giggling away – it was the first one that took his eye and he read it over two days. It’s part of the wider Pet Defenders series of books. I had a quick read over Daniel’s shoulder and it seemed like a funny enough book and certainly appealed to Daniel’s sense of humour!

Big Foot and Little Foot (The Monster Detector) has been one that Daniel has taken at a slower pace and I suspect has challenged him a little more. He wasn’t familiar with the idea of the Sasquatch before reading this book and I’ll be interested to see if it’s a topic he returns to now he has read this book. He told me this was a fun book and he liked the adventure they went on.

We follow a ‘living book’ as part of our Science work (see this post here for more info) and I think Ocean Renegades will be great for us to use as part of our history work in the autumn. This book is presented in a comic book style and Daniel found this really engaging – so much so that he stayed up late reading it – coming down to tell me it was finished! I’ve got the first in this series on his birthday wish list and it did a great job of introducing ocean creatures in a fun and engaging way for Daniel. I really like the style of this book and I need to have a read myself and build a bit of a study plan around it.

The final book Daniel has been enjoying this month is Rules of the Ruff. This book is probably aimed a bit higher than Daniel, and some of the more subtle storylines about being left out and ignored went a bit over his head but never the less he enjoyed the story. It’s well paced and is a nice enjoyable read for children.

I’m really enjoying seeing Daniel engrossed in books and have used these four recent reads to add a few chapter books to his birthday wish list. What other books would you recommend we take a look at?


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  1. Pat
    12th August 2018 / 08:51

    He’s certainly an avid reader. And no doubt its helped with his spelling. His writig anazes me.

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