The day I almost enjoyed a hot bath

The day I almost enjoyed a hot bath

Last weekend I was up early to do a few jobs and enjoy a child free morning. I say enjoy a child free morning but my child free morning consisted of me having an eye test – you know that old thing of when motherhood hits an eye test is suddenly ‘time off’. Anyhow, I popped into town for my eye test, picked some new glasses then headed home.

Damian later popped to the pub to watch the football and the children and I read and played various games. I was feeling pretty exhausted so when Damian came home I promptly went for a long hot bath.  I took my book up, poured in the bubble bath and was looking forward to a long hot soak. A bit of time for me to just relax and attempt to try and finish my book.

bubble bath

The reality was somewhat different. Of course I didn’t just simply run the bath. I had to empty away the various toys and the such out of the bath and give it a quick rinse. I then had to dig out my bubble bath from the various bottles of shampoo and character bubble baths. Then I could run the bath.

Luckily, I realised before I got in the bath that I’d have to get a fresh towel as the ones we had in there had ended up in a pile on the floor and hadn’t dried out from the mornings’ showers.

By the time the bath was run and I’d got in I reckon it was about 15 minutes before Mr D realised that I wasn’t coming back downstairs so he promptly appeared in the bathroom. He was most intrigued as to why there were so many bubbles and was worried that I was wearing my glasses and that they’d get wet. I then had to explain why I was wearing my glasses and why I was in the bath; ie time to myself without small people asking me (endless) questions.

Miss E promptly appeared and asked me why I was having a bath at this time of day (530pm!). Then Damian appeared to round them up and back downstairs. Not so peaceful or relaxing.

I managed another couple of pages of my book before Mr D appeared back upstairs and started getting undressed. I asked him what he was doing to which he replied ‘well mummy, I’ve had my tea so I’m getting in the bath with you now’.

Cue three small people ending up in the bath with me and my nice relaxing bath quickly becoming a long lost dream – seriously I think I’d be better off just installing a wet room and doing away with the bath as it’s almost mocking me at how infrequently I get to use it!

Do you ever get to enjoy a quiet peaceful bath when the children are at home?


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