The brilliance of twitter

The brilliance of twitter

I’m a bit of a social media junkie and am a big fan of twitter. I have ‘met’ some lovely people on twitter and come across lots of things of interest.

On Friday evening I was browsing twitter and came across this tweet from a local tweeter…..

I live literally down the road from one of the stations that the train was stopping at. So on Sunday we took a stroll down to the station to watch the train arrive. It was brilliant.

The Tin Bath steam trainThere is something quite exciting about seeing a big steam train and it was lovely to see lots of families there, waiting on the platform. The train was great and it was brilliant that as the train was being filled with water (and probably waiting for the line ahead to clear for them to continue the journey) the drivers let us get onto the train. I used to live near the East Lancs Railway in Bury, and I haven’t known them to let you do that there. The heat from the furnace was as you can imagine pretty imense!

I managed to snap a short video on my phone as the train left the station – the quality isn’t brilliant but gives an idea of the size and noise.


Without twitter I wouldn’t have known that the train was visiting and we would have missed a quick family trip out. I always recommend checking for local hashtags and creating lists of local people – you never know what you might spot.


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