World Cup 2018 – Learning about Russia

World Cup 2018 – Learning about Russia

I wasn’t too sure how the children would take to the World Cup, whether it would be something they’d show a passing interest in or whether it would capture their hearts and captivate them.

Prior to the World Cup commencing, we did a few activities and I wrote a post for Activity Village about some of the things we had been doing (you can read that post here) and there was an interest, but nothing that looked like it was going to develop into a passion.

We did some additional things, focussing on creating a lapbook about Russia after I saw Emma’s IG stories about the one she was doing with her boys. We headed to Home School Share and printed off the various bits and pieces from there to use. The children always enjoy the map where they look where the country is as well as the ‘what time is it’ flapbook – this was good to illustrate that actually Russia is so vast it encompasses a range of time zones!

Russia lapbook

We also used this fab Russian Doll printable from Activity Village and stuck them behind each other to create the effect of a Russian Doll; the children LOVED doing this and we made a few different sets.

On the day the World Cup started, we drew out the flags of the 32 competing nations and this was the point at which Daniel’s imagination was really captured and his interest in the World Cup really took off. Having drawn each flag just once he has remembered most of them and is now drawing flags on a daily basis.

child drawing flags

I have been thinking about how we can extend this and I was super excited to spot a tweet about a flag book coming out next month. His plan is to create his own book of flags so I think we will be starting this weekend! This book will be perfect for a bit of independent project work – something I want to help him develop in the next academic year.

More than anything, Daniel has thoroughly enjoyed the World Cup – he has loved watching the England team and there were tears when they went out to Croatia. He has been excited and found the penalty shoot-out exhilarating. He has played more football than ever and I think he could see the result of teamwork for the England team; something we have struggled a bit with him. We have loved the World Cup and all the excitement it has sparked, the countdown now begins to the European championships.

In the meantime, we will create a book of flags and when the book above is published we’ll buy it and learn a few facts too! If you have any other good flag books suggestions do let me know!



  1. Suzanne
    12th July 2018 / 19:26

    That’s brilliant …we only did a wallchart so Lily could practice handwriting, numbers, spelling but will use flag idea making too.

  2. 13th July 2018 / 13:26

    superb creativity

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