What Bank Holidays are made for…

What Bank Holidays are made for…

Next weekend is the Easter weekend, and with it a bank holiday. I love bank holiday weekends, not least because it means Damian has some time off work. He has also booked the Tuesday-Friday afterwards off so we will have a nice long break together.

With the arrival of number three drawing ever closer, we are still working on the jobs in the house. Over the bank holiday weekend I think the plan is to finish some of the odd jobs off that never quite get done, things like treating a problem area in Miss E’s bedroom that we’ve not yet got round to, finishing the work on the hallway, stairs and landing ready to order a new carpet as well as sort out a few bathroom issues.

Damian will have a go at most household DIY jobs, and one of the recurring themes we seem to have is with plumbing problems! I recall in the house he first bought there was a bathroom leak and in my old house that we shared when we got married we had some strange plumbing problems! One morning the bathroom sink quite literally split in half and fell off the wall and another time the kitchen sink had a leak which when we tried to fix it was a nightmare as it had been a botched job originally so we had to botch a botched job.

Since moving into our current house we have had untold problems with the toilet that started with a small leak that ended up running into the kitchen below. The fix should have been easy, but inevitably it wasn’t! We then had a problem with a noisy pipe which resulted in us pulling up floorboards but in the end it turned out (I think!) to be a cistern problem.

We now need to re-fix the cistern to the wall – energetic toddlers has meant that it has worked loose slightly, and whilst Damian is fixing that he is going to just double-check everything else should be as it is. Water is always one of those things that makes me nervous, so it’s always useful to have a guide to help and these guides from VictoriaPlum.com have proven useful recently.

Once we get those jobs out of the way it will be on to things like clearing the garden (shouldn’t be too big a job….) and some of the bigger things like sorting out the children’s bedroom’s ahead of the internal one’s arrival.

I suspect Damian thinks my plans for the bank holiday and his week off work a little ambitious… but I think we should aim high – after all aren’t bank holidays made for DIY jobs?


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  1. Pat
    16th March 2016 / 21:31

    You are going to be busy. The Victoria Plum guides as useful.

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