Twinkl resources for Home Education

Twinkl resources for Home Education

I’ve written a few times about my desire to look into Home Education for Daniel and Emma. We haven’t decided in any way yet about nursery and schooling for the children. It all seems so far away, although I know decisions will need to be made sooner rather than later!

However, as Daniel and Emma are with me all day, I think it is important to take responsibility for looking into ways to develop their early learning. I have talked to a lot of parents at playgroups and the such and I am clear that being a stay at home parent is much more than walks in the park and sitting the children in front of the TV – I take my job as the stay at home parent very seriously. It is my job to provide their day-to-day care, tend to their emotional well-being and of course their early learning.

I have posted a couple of times about some of the things we do and resources I have used, and at the end of last year I was provided with a years platinum membership at Twinkl.

I was already using twinkl to access some of their free resources anyway, but using the platinum membership I have had access to everything. In the event that we do home educate the children I will be subscribing to twinkl, without a doubt.

Twinkl claim:


And I think they really are. The materials available are extensive and superb quality. There is almost too much, I have been busy bookmarking different things and then find that 90 minutes have passed! I have found so many wonderful things, such as the three little pigs and Goldilocks and the three bears story boards and other activities. I can see so many things I will be doing with these as Emma starts to be able to engage more. I have a week of activity planned using some of the Hungry Caterpillar resources.

Twinkl is not just for teachers. There is a lot for parents to access too and make use of, whether they are thinking of home educating or not. There is a forum available that is helpfully split into different areas such as role, age of child etc. This looks like it is a little under used at the moment (well the bits I have looked at) but there is a lot of potential for this as a way for me (as a parent) to pose a question to teachers etc and I can see that I will use this more as our early education becomes more formalised.

twinkl forum
twinkl forum screenshot

There is also a tool which allows you to create your own resources – it can be found here.  I haven’t used this as yet, in part because I haven’t thought of anything to create that isn’t already available! It does looks good though from the quick look around that I have done.

I have found twinkl to be a superb resource to me as a parent, and I will be using this over the coming months more and more as Emma moves into those early toddler years and Daniel’s appetite for knowledge increases. He has really enjoyed using the playdoh mats and some of the matching games and we have had lots of talking as we have been doing them.

twinkl play doh mats and matching games
Gruffalo matching and play doh shape mats

There are whole learning sets that can be downloaded and they often come along with lesson plans that give you ideas for how to use the resources and how they can be used to extend knowledge and understanding. Having a read through these has given me the confidence to know that actually, I’m on the right lines with my work with Daniel.

Twinkl offer three subscription levels. I was using the free membership originally and that allows access to the majority of the resources that are available. The second is the Gold membership which costs £29.95 per year and then the Platinum membership is priced at £44.95 per year and allows access to all the resources. I know that some people sometimes don’t understand why you would pay for something when you can access most of it for free. for me, without a paid subscription then there wouldn’t be the funding for them to continue to make the resources. I think for less than £1 per week it is really worth it.


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  1. pat
    7th February 2015 / 09:49

    I have seen Daniel in action playing the matching game. Itscsi good. The story boards are brilliant. There an excellent way to learn through play.

  2. pat
    7th February 2015 / 09:51

    Excuse the typo. Meant to say it’s so good. They are an excellent way to learn through play.

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