My top 5 Kitchen Gadgets

My top 5 Kitchen Gadgets

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I’m not massively into gadgets and the such; I know some people love leafing through the Lakeland catalogue to find the latest gadget or tool to add to their kitchen. We have a really small kitchen, and space is at a premium. This means that our gadget space is a little lacking, but there are five kitchen gadgets that I use regularly and wouldn’t be without.

The first is a stick blender. The one we have is almost 10 years old and works brilliantly still. I use it a lot for blending foods when needed, and even use it when I want really creamy mashed potatoes. I use it a lot for blending soups and I really wouldn’t be without ours now. The one we have also came with a whisk attachment which I have used a few times too. It’s super easy to plug in and use it and cleans up really easily too. PLus it’s a great tool for D and E to use as they can help to blend things easily

Now number two is a bit of a cheat, as it’s not a gadget as such, but I swear by pyrex lidded dishes at the moment. I’ve taken to prepping our fruit and veg in one go and it’s encouraging us all to eat more. It’s much easier to make a salad for Damian’s lunch if all the bits are prepped ready and it’ easy to add a salad to our lunchtime plate when it’s all ready to go. My daytimes are busy so prepping lettuce, spinach, cucumber etc can be timely, especially when I’m doing it multiple times a day. I’ve found that by having things washed and prepped in the pyrex containers in the fridge is really helping us. We are also wasting much less food as it’s prompting me to make sure it’s all served up, rather than languishing in the bottom of the fridge. I’ve bought some pyrex dishes from Groupon recently but it’s this style that I use.

I mentioned soups above, and I love using our slow cooker to make soups. We have quite a large Lakeland one and it’s perfect for throwing vegetables in to make a quick soup with or equally good for casseroles and chillis etc. There’s not much that beats coming home in the wintertime to the smell of a slow cooker meal that is ready to be served up. D loves carrot soup a the moment so we do that in the slow cooker. He helps to chop the carrots up and we throw it all in, set the slow cooker off after breakfast and it’s ready by lunchtime. Perfect, especially in the colder weather. I love how versatile slow cookers are too, there’s a lot that can be cooked in them and they’re perfect for those days when you’re going to be out until later, you can come home and dish your evening meal up straight away.

A recent new gadget that I’ve discovered is an electric steamer; I’ve never had a steamer before but since having one it’s one of my favourite things and I can’t believe I’ve not had one sooner! It’s really easy to get a lot of veg cooked and it really does taste nicer when it’s been steamed. We have been testing out the Sensio 3 tier steamer and it’s really changed our evening meals – we are eating more green veg and things like beans and peas definitely do taste much better – the children are eating veg now that in the past they’d have ignored. It’s also super easy to set up and even easier to clean – much easier than having lots of different pans on the go.

And, finally, my other must-have kitchen gadget has to be a mandolin. I recently bought a cheap one and it’s great for prepping things like cucumber or slicing things quickly if you want/need uniform shapes. I use it as part of my salad prep and it makes the job much quicker. You do need to be careful letting young children use this as the blades are quite sharp but it’s a great gadget to have in the kitchen.

What other gadgets would you add to this list?


We were sent the Sensio 3 tier steamer for inclusion in this post but my opinion is my own – it really is superb!


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  1. Pat
    7th March 2018 / 10:01

    I have to say a Sarah I was inspired to prepare more when I saw you prepping your salad stuff on Monday. I buy salad and end up throwing half of it away. So much easier to have it done ready, and it was lovely seeing the children helping.

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