Beginning to think about Birthdays

Beginning to think about Birthdays

I can scarcely believe that I am thinking about gifts for Mr. D’s third birthday. It seems almost impossible that he will soon turn three; it feels like only moments ago we were celebrating his first birthday.

The children have so much ‘stuff’ be it books, toys etc and in reality, children need very little; mostly they need the time and attention of their parents, which we try to give as best we can. We are reluctant to buy things for the sake of it, so I have been having a look at what might be good and useful third birthday gift ideas.

I already have a couple of things that I picked up from Wicked Uncle which I hope he (and Miss E) will enjoy. He has also had his balance bike a month or so ago as well as little things here and there as we spot them. I have been looking at some of the Orchard Toys range, they always strike me as good games that have a nice educational slant to them.

A couple of weeks back the four of us had walked into the local village. Damian took the children into the park whilst I had a look at the charity shops. I was thrilled when I spotted two Orchard Toys games in one shop (it cost me less than £3.50 for both of them).

Orchard Toys three year old

Mr D is really into jigsaws at the moment so I am pleased to have found this one. We have another Orchard Toys jigsaw which both D and E love doing (In fact that was also a charity shop find!)

three year old birthday ideas

I then popped into another shop and spotted this Thomas Memory Game for (I think!) £2. Pretty pleased with this find as there is lots we can do with this game.

thomas memory game

They are all in near perfect condition and will be great little additions to their toys. At the local Church Summer Fair I spotted another game that I snapped up for £1.

Orchard toys for 3 year old

I love getting little bargains like these in Charity Shops – it seems silly to pay full price for something when the exact same thing is available at a fraction of the price.

I’ve also picked up a couple of books from a Local Usborne Books Seller which were a steal during a Facebook sale night (there is another Facebook Sale night happening this week with this local seller) and there is always a bargain too to be had. I got two sticker books for D and E which they will love as these books are always well received.

Usborne Sticker Books

On a bit of an impulse, I picked up this How Things Grow Book which I might save for E’s birthday in February (and closer to seed planting time). We planted seeds this year and they have loved watering them and seeing them grow, so I am hoping next year they will understand the process a bit better and this book will help both of them see the process.

usborne how things grow

Feels like we are more or less sorted for Mr D’s birthday. What would be your top buys for a third birthday?






  1. 12th August 2015 / 13:08

    I can’t believe D is about to turn three, where does the time go?! We went with a balance bike for E’s birthday, though her birthday is in January so it’s not really ideal timing for outdoor toys! I tend to do the same as you and pick up bits from charity shops throughout the year, I’ve already started collecting for Christmas!

    • 13th August 2015 / 21:06

      I know, it’s ridiculous! We got his balance bike a few months back which he loves (although he doesn’t quite understand it!) so we are classing that as part of his gift, plus all the little bits I’ve managed to find in charity shops, I think when I get it all out I will end up putting some back for Christmas for them both. x

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