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  1. Congratulations! People think they can say what they like to a pregnant woman – don’t they know that the hormones are likely to turn us into crazy people if they comment on how fat we are on more time… I got that a lot when I was pregnant but then again, my bump was pretty huge! I used to get asked all the time if it was twins, which despite the scans would still instil fear into me that I might actually be having twins without realising it! #twinklytuesday

  2. Congratulations! It´s funny what people say to you when you´re pregnant isn´t it? I was huge with my first and now with my second I either get ´Oh he´s a bit small´ which he isn´t, or I get ´Oh I can see you´ve got that pregnant face now´ as they make a moon shape with their hands! Sometimes I think people are just trying to find something to say and other times I think they take their regrets about their own pregnancies out on others haha. Pregnancy is beautiful however you look! #twinklytuesday

  3. Congratulations! Hehe, I had a few of those comments too. ‘Woah, your bump is HUGE already.’ and ‘Do you think you’ll have another one?’ (!! Believe me, at that stage, I just wanted to focus on the first one). Hope you enjoy the rest of your pregnancy xx

  4. Congratulations – I am in week 24 too and it constantly amazes/annoys me how everyone has an opinion about the size of your bump. I agree though this bit is the best part of the pregnancy before you are too big but have energy to do stuff. I’m trying to get my house sorted too but it’s going slowly! Good luck and looking forward to reading more about your little one’s arrival. #TwinklyTuesday

  5. Haha people always have to say something about your size! I guess they are being nice but being told how huge you are is not great for your confidence! I think you are having a girl 🙂

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