The last eight pounds

The last eight pounds

Since having Daniel and Emma I have let the weight come off gradually. I lost a lot of the initial weight through swimming and chasing them around but the past six months I have remained at pretty much the same weight, fluctuating my a pound or two at most.

I am not huge (a size 10) but I am carrying about 8lbs more than I want to. Despite watching what I eat, increasing the amount of walking I do and doing fitness DVDs etc, my weight refuses to budge. My BMI (and there are so many issues with that measurement but….) sits me with a BMI of 26.3 which is out of the healthy range.

So… when I was offered the opportunity to try the Slim.Fast challenge I thought why not. I am generally quite skeptical about stuff like this – but I thought that it might give me that kick start or boost or whatever to shift the stubborn few pounds that are lingering.

The Slim.Fast plan is called 3,2,1 – 3 snacks, 2 Slim.Fast meal replacements and 1 meal. Yesterday I took delivery of 14 days worth of Slim.Fast products and started the plan. I had already eaten a light breakfast (half a bowl of cereal) as I was going out running but I used the meal replacement shake (Cafe latte flavour) for lunch then had two of the snacks in the mid afternoon before having my evening meal (lentil and vegetable pie).

Slim Fast

Today is my first day of following the plan exactly so I will be interested to see how hungry I feel throughout the day. I was pleasantly surprised yesterday that the meal replacement shake did make me feel full and the two snacks I had (a chocolate caramel bar and sour cream pretzels) were surprisingly tasty.

So… I will be posting again once the two week challenge is up. My aim is to lose 1.5 inches from hips and waist and to get some way towards losing the 8lbs I want to.

You can read more about the Slim.Fast programme here.



  1. Pat
    9th July 2015 / 09:08

    And that was after being faced with cake at playgroup and declining it. I’m sure you’ll do it, you’re bound to lose some with all the running you’re doing. Good luck. X

  2. Pauline x
    9th July 2015 / 12:49

    Slim fast is a good plan to do. How do you shift an extra 8 stones? I would need Eddie Stobart full of the product.

    Good luck Sarah.

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