Space Activities for Toddlers – Week 1

Space Activities for Toddlers – Week 1

Following the success of our weather and seasons month, we are now looking at Space. We started this this week and have had great fun looking at some books that we have.

space books for toddlers

The favourite by far is the Space Mission to the Stars book. It features a rocket that sits within the book on a hidden magnet. The reader then turns a wheel which moves the rocket around as the story unfolds. Mr D LOVES this book and would happily read it time, after time for ages…. It’s a much loved book at the moment.

We have also been using the Spaceship Sticker Playbook from Miles Kelly. The children adored this and spent a good hour with it. We read through the story first then started to add the stickers, talking about what the things were.

Spaceship Sticker mat

The mat folds out and is double sided with different activities and they both poured over this book – pointing out the things they could see that we had talked about, planets, astronauts, stars etc.  The stickers are reusable too so this book will be used again and again I am sure

sticker mat spaceship

After we had read these two books and revisited the lovely Lost Stars book too. Miss E was then getting a little sleepy so I put her down for a nap before doing some rocket based crafts. We got out this lovely stained glass rockets kit from Baker Ross.

baker ross rocket craft kit

I wish I had set this up the evening before as it does take a little time to pop out all the cut outs as well as cut the cellophane up. Mr D was getting a little impatient. He did however enjoy this activity once it was ready. It’s easy to do – apply some glue on the edge on the frame and add different coloured cellophane on the sections – simple!

baker ross rocket craft kit

Mr D loves the finished version -and they have pride of place on our french doors. We will make these again with Miss E soon I think and again in the run up to Bonfire Night. I also plan to order some of the rocket wands we did last year too as they were a lot of fun.

baker ross rocket craft kit

Over the weekend Mr D has been doing a Peppa Pig space ship jigsaw which I managed to pick up from a local selling site – another of my little bargains, he needed a little assistance the first time he did this but soon picked it up and has done it a couple more times since – showing his Nana and Grandad how it all goes together. He also then spent some time building his Mega Blocks into a space rocket – I love that his sense of imagination is starting to show and develop!

peppa pig jigsaw

Next week I am planning some counting activities and the such. I have some ideas stored on my Space Pinterest board here.

Space activities and Resources for Pre schoolers - great ideas with links to resources to use with toddlers and pre school children


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