Space Activities for Toddlers – Week 2

Space Activities for Toddlers – Week 2

Continuing with our Space Theme this month last week we looked at some of out books again as well as this Usborne one which has proven very popular.

We had a look at the book and whilst it is aged at children from 3 years there was a fair bit that Mr D (and Miss E to a lesser extent) were able to understand and take in. Mr D was sat reading it a few days later and told Miss E that ‘this is our planet and it’s called Earth and the moon goes around us’. I was so pleased he did this off his own back, with no prompting from me.

Usborne Space Book

When we were at the Toddler Tales session on Bury Art Museum Mr D spotted the front page of a newspaper from the moon landings. He was so enthralled by it and was talking to me about it when we went again this week.

Moon Landings Bury art Museum

On Thursday afternoon we made this lovely space rockets using foam shapes. This worked for us on a number of levels, shape recognition for Mr D, colours for Miss E as well as beginning to recognise his name and other letters. As well as developing their fine motor skills too. This was great fun and they both really did enjoy making these rockets and were keen to show anyone who came to visit.

toddler name space rockets

We also played pairs with some cards I made using this resource from twinkl (I printed two copies). I laminated them and we have played the game a few times – Mr D really understands the game of pairs and Miss E just enjoys turning them over and cheering every time, regardless of whether it’s a pair or not!

twinkl space pairs activity

We have also looked at this number peg wheel. Both the children enjoy doing this and Mr D is beginning to develop his number recognition which is lovely to see.

Space Peg Counting

We finished the week off with a discussion about how the Earth travels around the sun, and the moon around the earth, complete with my wonderfully (in)accurate diagram.

sun earth moon


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