Soon to be Outnumbered!

Soon to be Outnumbered!

We have some news…. Damian and I will soon be outnumbered.

Our third baby is due in June 2016. We had the dating scan yesterday and all appears well. We get another peek in early February.

So… we will have three under four which I am sure will bring with it lots of fun…. and a challenge or two(!)

Pregnancy announcement

I’ll be sharing some more things on the blog over the coming months, and sharing plans on how we plan to cope with three under four.




  1. 15th December 2015 / 21:14

    YAY!!!! So excited for you and can’t wait to meet little one in June! Also keen to find out what having 3 under 4 will be like…

  2. Pauline x
    15th December 2015 / 21:47

    I can’t wait to meet my Great Nephew or Great Niece. So exciting!
    Big congratulations! Sarah, it will be interesting to see what comes in the mail for you to try now!

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