Rock Over Climbing Review

Rock Over Climbing Review

Friday is usually the day we head to our Art Group. However the past month has seen all the children who attend the group come down with chicken pox. Somehow Mr D and Miss E have so far managed to avoid it. How, I don’t know and I still expect them to come down with it in the next two weeks.

As various families are still poxy the group didn’t run last week. So, one of the mums and I decided to meet up at Rock Over Climbing for the soft play adventure area. The various rock climbing places I’ve come across don’t allow climbing until four or five years so I’ve never ventured to them before. Rock Over Climbing has come up a few times on various Facebook groups since they opened their soft play area (I think at the back end of last year).

Rock Over Climbing Pre School Session Manchester

We went along and I arrived for around 10:30. Entry was £2.50 per child which I thought was more than reasonable (it increases to £3.50 after 11am) there are then two sets of gates to get through to the area – meaning that it very secure in terms of ensuring energetic toddlers don’t escape!

rock over climbing review manchester
One of the soft play rock climbing walls

There were another two children in the area when we got there but Miss D and Miss E quickly took shoes and coats off and got straight into the ball pool and explored the other climbing frames. There are two small walls that the children can climb up. Miss E doesn’t have the strength to pull herself up yet but Mr D amazed me with how quickly he clambered up. He wasn’t as confident coming down the first time but he soon managed it after I’d guided him down the first time.

Rock over climbingThe area was really clean and it’s well set out with plenty of room for children to crawl and run. There are toys left out and a small bookcase which our children accessed towards the end of our time there as they were tiring. There are toilets and baby change facilities within the soft play area which is great – it meant that I didn’t have to take them both with me to sort one of them out. It is also contained enough for me not to worry about them being out of sight and possibly slipping through the exit gates.

There are plenty of sofas and chairs for parents to sit at and a small cafe area serving hot and cold drinks and snacks. We had a coffee and the children had a juice each.

We got chatting to one of the staff members who told us about a session they run in the week for pre school age children. I’m hoping to get to one of these with Mr D and Miss E as they get to go on the bigger climbing walls which I think Mr D would enjoy.rock over climbing review manchester Miss E gave the walls a good try but she just lacks a bit of upper body strength at the moment to pull herself up. She will get there though I am sure.

There was a fabulous ball pool complete with a slide which all four of the children in our group enjoyed – it was probably the best ball pool I’ve ever come across in a soft play centre yet.

There is also a big soft play climbing frame with slides. The children enjoyed this – and thankfully they didn’t need too much assistance from me as I am not quite the right size and shape at the moment to be clambering around climbing frames!

I was really impressed with the set up of the centre and as the children get older I think it will be somewhere we visit more often. I didn’t see the full rock climbing area but it looks impressive from what I’ve seen on their website and Facebook pages.


rock over climbing climbign frame for toddlers

I visited Rock Over Climbing after hearing good things about their soft play area This Rock Over Climbing Review has been written following my own visit there. I was not invited nor asked to write this review – we were just very impressed and wanted to share that!



  1. 16th February 2016 / 03:12

    Wow! I wish we had that where I live. How fun!!

    • 16th February 2016 / 07:17

      It was fab! I can’t wait until they’re a little older to go on the full climbing walls x

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