Manchester’s MOSI – we do things differently up here

Manchester’s MOSI – we do things differently up here

On Friday I took the children to Manchester’s MOSI – (The Museum of Science and Industry) for the day. We had been invited to take a look at the new souvenir product range and being a big big fan of MOSI I really don’t need an excuse to take the children there!

MOSI is simply amazing – and it’s free. It’s situated in the Castlefield area of the city centre and is the perfect place for the whole family. My parents came along for day too and we all had a great time. There is so much to see that it is impossible to see it all with the children in one go. I decided to focus our visit on the kids experiment area and the Air and Space Gallery. Like most young children, Daniel is very interested in cars etc and the Air and Space gallery is superb and has some fabulous items in there.

Manchesters MOSI We arrived at the Museum and my Dad and Daniel had a walk around whilst I changed Emma. There is a great area at the front where you can take your picture and it appears on the screens above. Daniel enjoyed this I think. What I love about MOSI is that it is so open and welcoming. We then headed up to the kids area but it was the monthly Experitots event which I hadn’t realised so we changed plans and headed across the road to the Air & Space Gallery. We had a great time showing the children the huge aeroplanes and I managed to have a read of some of the signs too so learnt a little! There is even an aeroplane there that my grandfather worked on so there is a personal connection there for me too.  We then headed into the Power Hall and Daniel enjoyed this much much more than I thought he would. I find it really hard to fathom that the machinery on show here has been around for so long, and it is really one of those areas that makes me so proud to be Mancunian and the part that Manchester has played in so many things.

I know all cities have a proud history but Manchester really does stand apart for me – it is the home of the Industrial Revolution and so many other amazing things. It is really inspirational and makes you hungry to learn so much more about the amazing city we live in.

We stopped for a quick coffee and cake in the on site cafe which was quite fairly priced. I sort of don’t mind paying a little extra in places like MOSI as entry is free anyway and it is such a good day out. We then headed up to the kids area and spent around an hour here. Both Daniel and Emma loved this, although I think there could be a couple of exhibitions that could perhaps be a little lower down for younger toddlers – Daniel was really engaged in some of the activities but had to be lifted up to them which isn’t a huge hassle but takes away some of his autonomy I suppose. Manchester MOSI

We only scratched the surface of what MOSI has to offer; we didn’t go to the making of Manchester gallery or my favourite one, Underground Manchester as the children were both tiring and I had to get home to get ready for an event I was at in the evening, for a two year old and a nine month old we saw more than enough and both of them were soon fast asleep once we got back into the car.

What always strikes me when I visit MOSI is just how much Manchester has done, and what an amazing city it is to grow up in. I am a bit of a geek with Manchester and I recall that as I left an event at the Co-Operative’s head office on Friday night I was trying to tell my blogger friends the significance of the site we were walking across; that it was where Richard Arkwright had opened the first steam-powered textile mill in the world, the importance of the often forgotten River Irk that is hidden underneath Victoria Station which is undergoing enormous renovations. The statement of ‘We do things differently up here’ which is emblazoned across the new product range for MOSI is so very true.

We do things differently up here

The new range is so very clearly inspired by the museum and the history it tells its visitors. The items are bold and bright. I was really lucky to be given one of the new tote bags as a little souvenir on Friday and it’s been commented on a couple of times already when I was on the train on Saturday. The designs are full of little snippets about the things Manchester has been home to. I think my next visit will see me purchase a mug or one of the fab bright cushions or if I am really fortunate one of the t-shirts… the perfect excuse to visit MOSI again soon (Or I suppose I could always sneak a purchase in from here!)

When I was looking back at the pictures to include in this blog post I really was spoilt for choice – with almost 400 pictures taken I think that shows just what a fabulous time we had there on Friday. I honestly can’t speak highly enough about MOSI and it is well worth a visit if you’re ever in Manchester – there really is an abundance of things to entertain every single member of the family and it is super accessible for prams and pushchairs (although I had Emma in my Ergo carrier). It is, simply, the perfect day out.


*I was given a goodie bag at MOSI which consisted of the new tote bag and some small items for Daniel and Emma. I have not received any other compensation for this post. MOSI really is my favourite place to visit in Manchester!*



  1. pat
    30th November 2014 / 21:45

    It was a great day out. Well worth a visit and I love the new range of gifts.

  2. 10th December 2014 / 20:00

    Sounds like a really great place to visit, which I’m sure will keep Daniel and Emma entertained for many years to come!

    Thanks very much for linking #toddlerapprovedtuesday

  3. 10th December 2014 / 20:13

    Oh wow! Jenson’s head would EXPLODE! Shame we are so far away 🙁

    Thanks so much for linking up to #ToddlerApprovedTuesday. Don’t forget both me and Leandra are joint hosting this time round and we are keeping the link up open until January 1st so if you have any other amazing posts to share feel free!

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