A Good Night’s Sleep

A Good Night’s Sleep

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I love and hate Facebook in equal measure, but one feature I do like is the ‘on this day’ bit. It’s a good opportunity to delete some stuff that is just rubbish, but also a nice reminder of the things you’ve done. At the moment my ‘on this day’ reminds me of the many many sleepless nights we have had in the last five years!

Of course, this time five years ago Mr D was very much a newborn, and with it, a newborn sleep schedule and the dream of a good night’s sleep was a long way away. I used to enjoy lazy mornings snoozing away with him lay on my chest. He soon settled into a regular pattern and Damian and I was able to get a reasonable amount of sleep.

Until colic and sleep regressions hit.

I recall nights of Damian walking around our room singing to a tiny Mr D who was colicky and no amount of soothing seemed to help to settle him and ease those cries. When he finally settled I had the benefit of being able to rest in the day at least.

When Mr D finally settled into a good sleep pattern Miss E arrived and the less said about her sleep in those first 18 months the better! She was a terrible sleeper and we are convinced she had silent reflux. She had all the symptoms and she was just so unhappy. Both Damian and I were beyond exhausted and it’s fair to say we don’t recall much of those first 18 months. We seem to have just survived week to week. Functioning throughout the day and crawling into bed at night.

Just before Mr D was born we had new bedroom furniture delivered and with it a super king size bed. It’s the absolute best thing we ever bought. The mattress that we have is so comfortable, and whilst it did cost us a decent amount of money I am so glad we bought it. I remember us testing out the various styles and types of mattresses from memory foam to pocket sprung, hard firmness to soft. We chose the one that worked for us and it’s been perfect.

a good night's sleep

My biggest tip for anyone who is updating their bedroom furniture would be to buy the biggest bed your room can accommodate. When the children clamber in for morning cuddles there is more than enough space for us all to cuddle up together, share a story or to plan the day ahead, and on those inevitable nights when one of them doesn’t feel well the super king size bed really does make it so much easier to settle them. I think at one stage we have had all five of us asleep in there, and despite that, we have still managed a good night’s sleep.

A good night’s sleep is so crucial – it really does help to make things that little bit easier in the day and everything always feels a bit easier after a good night’s sleep.




  1. 13th November 2017 / 21:30

    hmm makes me think we need a new bed

  2. Pat
    14th November 2017 / 01:36

    I’d love your bed Sarah x

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