Expressions #3 – Puddle Jumping

Expressions #3 – Puddle Jumping

Living in the north west means that rain is something we see frequently. And the past week has been no exception!

It’s been a particulalry wet week so I thought it was about time Daniel learnt about puddle jumping.

Our road is an unadopted road and is full of potholes which gather with water in the wet weather… not great for driving down but perfect for splashing in. The road is quiet as 
well, except for the odd dog walker so safe enough for Daniel to play on.

So, equipped with his new wellies and new waterproof coat we went for a walk up the road.

At first he spent most of his time navigating his way around the puddles, but after a short while worked
 out it was fun to jump and splash in them.

Our road overlooks a train line so as we heard the rumble of the trains we stopped to watch and wave as they went by.

We also live on the flight path so as he could hear the aeroplanes he looked up – although they were mostly obscured by big grey clouds!

It was raining very very heavily – I’m glad I convinced him to keep his hood up – we both got a little wet but it was good fun.

We got a quick picture together – but I think a raindrop must have caught the lens and then it was back to the important business of splashing and jumping.


 On the way back home the rain stopped and we found a nice deep puddle to have a splash in.

He did get a little concerned though when he slipped a little and got muddy hands – he was very insistent that they were cleaned up before we carrier on our journey! I’m sure he won’t be so keen to be cleaned up in future years!!

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