The Boxing Day Sales

The Boxing Day Sales

It seems that the sales happen earlier and earlier each year but there is something about the Boxing Day Sales isn’t there that sort of signifies that there is a bargain or two to be had.

The Boxing Day sales are a time to grab a bargain or two

As my birthday falls in December I always like to save any gift vouchers and money until after Christmas so that I don’t buy something that I end up getting for Christmas but also to try to snag a bargain in the sales. There are a couple of things I have my eye on this year, including some books that I am after and possibly a new coat.

My ‘smart’ coat was always my work coat; something to keep me warm and snug as I waited for the train to work. Now that I don’t have a job in the traditional sense (although any blogger will tell you that maintaining a blog is as much work as a full time job!) I don’t *need* that smart warm coat. I used to have the most beautiful purple coat from Next that saw me through many winters, but three babies on it’s a big too snug around the waist and if truth be told, it’s seen better days.

So, this year whilst Damian is out at the football and the children are working their way through playing with their new toys and reading their new books, I will be browsing the online sales to try to spot a coat that takes my fancy. I’ve seen a couple in Dorothy Perkins so I’ll be keeping an eye on Love The Sales to see what bargains come up.  I might also try to find a pair of jeans as my favourite pair are wearing thin now on the knees – one of the joys of constantly playing on the floor with the children! Marks & Spencer or Dorothy Perkins tend to be my go to for jeans.

I will also keep my eye on a couple of other sites to get some inspiration for Miss E’s birthday in February. It’s crazy that she will turn three in two short months. We aren’t too sure what we will get her yet, but after Christmas is always a great time to try to pick up a few bargains for her. I have a couple of books stashed away already.

Will you be shopping the Boxing Day sales this year, and what will you be looking to buy? Or are you one of these (slightly crazy?!?) people who get up and head out at some unearthly hour on boxing day to get the best in-store deals?








  1. 23rd December 2016 / 09:36

    I love the boxing day sales, especially as some places do them on Xmas eve so I can spread out the shopping haha x

  2. 23rd December 2016 / 15:45

    I used to love the sales when they started on the 27th, but I won’t go out shopping on Boxing Day as that is a family day for me and I feel sorry for the shop staff too. I do like a bargain and still have a wonderful coat that I picked up half price – in fact, I got in early for that as I popped into the shop after I finished on Christmas Eve and they were already marking down.

  3. 23rd December 2016 / 22:47

    We don’t have trains running here so the furthest I’ll get is Sansbury’s

  4. 26th December 2016 / 11:52

    I did have every intention of shopping today but I now don’t think I’ve got time. Hope you’ve found some bargains

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