Mr H at six months old

Mr H at six months old

December 23rd is a significant date – it marks six whole months since our youngest family member, Mr H joined us.

There is no truer saying than times passes too quickly with young children. It feels just like last week that I was moaning about being fed up and uncomfortable in the final stages of pregnancy and yet six whole months have passed since he made his entrance.

It is fair to say that he is an easy-going baby. He rarely grumbles, although when he does it’s hard work! He now has two very clear teeth – and his top two teeth have cut with another two visible underneath the gum. He is constantly dribbling and chewing on things.

matchstick monkey teether

He hasn’t yet rolled over – I see younger babies that have mastered this and I just think that my own three must be slow at mastering this skill. Like his brother and sister before him he just likes to tease me and almost roll over without quite making it. I am, however, in no hurry to encourage this! I quite like that he is more or less in the same space whenever I have to pop out of the room.

He is almost able to sit up unaided – he can manage it with a little support to his back and he is enjoying this as it brings him ever closer to his siblings. Miss E adores him, as he does her. His biggest smiles are often reserved for her and both her and Mr D like to see him as soon as they come into our room in the morning.

He is still in our room, and there are no imminent plans to move him into his own room as yet. In part because he is settled, waking once usually (although he has managed to sleep through completely once so far) and then coming into our bed with us. Also, his room needs a lick of paint and some stuff sorting out which I’m sure we will get around to in the new year.

He is much, much bigger than his siblings were at this same age; and is his firmly in the 6-9 month clothing now. He is increasingly enjoying our reading time together and I just love overhearing the older two reading to him. I overheard Miss E reading Dear Zoo to him a few weeks ago, it started with Once Upon a Time I sent you a monkey but he was too naughty H so we sent him back. It was very cute although Mr D was most upset she wasn’t ‘reading’ the correct words.

Toys wise he enjoys the various soft toys and the such that he can reach. He also likes to play with instruments – see this little video on my Instagram of him with his jingle bells. He also has a couple of teether toys, his favourite of which is his Matchstick Monkey.

matchstick monkey teether

It is a great little toy and he loves it. It’s a cute little monkey that he can hold onto easily and it has lots of bits he can chew on to help ease those horrible teething pains. It also has a textured bit on the back of the monkey’s head which is great for adding teething gels too (and also saves my fingers from getting a nip from those sharp little teeth). It really is a gem of a product and is by far our teething toy of choice. he now has two teeth firmly established at the bottom and two more that have cut at the top and another two that are just visible underneath the gum. Mr D only had four teeth on his first birthday so Mr H is way ahead in that respect.

This week we started introducing food. He has been fascinated by us eating for a few weeks now – watching each mouthful of food as well trying to grab at our plates. He had a try of pasta earlier in the week and has been offered whatever we have been having in the evenings. It will be a good while before he is taking anything on fully, but he enjoys being sat up at the table with us.

H at six month

Things feel so much easier this time around – Mr H really is the most easy-going baby and I can’t wait to see how his personality develops further over the coming months and look forward to (and dread!) him learning to crawl and becoming more involved in his siblings play.



  1. 24th December 2016 / 05:58

    It’s lovely that even at such a young age their personalities shine through. Good luck with the crawling stage!

  2. ChelseaMamma
    7th January 2017 / 07:03

    Awww he is such a cutie – my last baby was really easy going too, although not anymore now he has found his voice LOL

  3. 8th January 2017 / 14:27

    Awww, what a lovely update. People always warn about how hard parenting become when they can move, but I find it much more fun when they are active and both of mine become a lot less frustrated when they started moving around.

  4. 9th January 2017 / 12:28

    Gorgeous little man, that teether looks fab x

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