2 / 52

2 / 52

As per last week’s update, I am sharing what I’ve been up to in the last week, the things I’ve read, the places we have been etc.

So, the second week of January has been and gone already! It’s been a week of getting back to normal for us and I’ve enjoyed being back in a routine with the children.

What I have read

This week hasn’t been terribly successful on the reading front. We had visited the library at the end of the last week and the children each chose a book for me. The first one, The Windmill Cafe was so bad, just wasn’t good on any level and it reminded me of an independently published book, the sort that isn’t really edited and just doesn’t ‘hang’ together in any decent way. I got about 2/3 of the way through it and gave up. The next one, The Accidental Beauty Queen by Teri Wilson is shaping up to be a much better read and I expect to have that finished this weekend.

I have also been getting back into reading other people’s blogs – something I seriously neglected at the end of last year. I enjoyed Rachel’s post about her new year dream and plans.

Books finished this week:  0.

Total books read this month: 1

Where we have been

This week has been all about getting back into routine; attending the groups that we head to each week and getting back into doing regular work. The children went to their PE and Football groups as well as Spanish and swimming lessons. Daniel also joined a local Beavers group and we have been taking the group mascot on our travels this week too.

We haven’t been out for any walks this week as such, it’s been cold and wet and the children were pretty tired after a late night on Saturday when we went for a meal to mark my Dad’s birthday.

What we have watched

Damian and I have continued to watch Narcos: Mexico and that will be finished this weekend too. I’m not sure what we will watch next… any suggestions please leave below. We also want to catch up on the BREXIT programme that was on earlier in the week (The one that has Benedict Cumberbatch in).

Miles Run

This week hasn’t been particularly good for running, I’ve only managed 9.3 miles. A combination of things contributed to that, including Damian getting home particularly late on Friday which scuppered my plans for an evening run.

I did manage to get to the Park Run today which bumped up my tally (along with an additional run before the official ParkRun). I wasn’t planning this run in originally as Damian was due to be in work, but work was cancelled so I was able to get along. I almost managed sub 30, so it’s my target to get there by the end of February.

Miles Completed this week: 9.3

Miles completed this month: 22.8

Miles left to target: 27.2


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