The Curiositree : Human World Review

The Curiositree : Human World Review

The Curiositree details itself as a ‘visual compendium of Wonders from Human History’ and it certainly lives up to this!

It’s one of those books that you can’t help but leaf through –  it’s from Wide Eyed Editions so is the type of beauty and incredible presentation that is so integral to this publisher.

the curiositree

The Curiositree takes the review through human history and helps build a picture as to why humans are the most successful species on the planet. It follows the development of farming as well as the origins of writing and religion, growth in technologies and the modern day. It’s incredibly inviting and no matter what page you turn to, you’ll find yourself following the trail through the book to various connected times.

What I like about this book is that you can read it in a linear fashion, from page one onwards, or you can open at any page and follow the path through; each page had a numbered arrow which acts as a path through the book to connected topics.

the curisoitree

I intend to use this book as a starter for project work in the new year. We are currently working on our geography projects and once we have those finished we will begin to look at topics in this that the children might wish to explore. There is this version of The Curiositree : Human World and a Natural World version which I think we will buy for one of the children at Christmas time.

the curisoitree

This is the sort of book that is perfect for browsing as well as digging deeper into subjects and topics and is perfect for Home Educators and curious children.



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