Some new reads

Some new reads

A few weeks ago I shared some books that the children, in particular Mr D, had been enjoying called Would You Rather….

These books posed a series of questions to the reader about various creatures and they were great fun. I was pleased to have two more books that follow a similar theme sent to me to take a look at, Could a Crocodile Play Basketball? and Would an Elephant Enjoy the Seaside?

would an elephant enjoy the seasidecould a crocodile play basketball











These are super entertaining books that have helped to introduce the children to a range of animals as well as imparting a range of facts in a fun and engaging way.  The focus on a single animal is good for specific learning units and we had great fun pretending to be elephants and crocodiles.

The author, Camilla De Le Bedoyere is an expert at imparting factual information in a fun and engaging way. Coupled with the funny and bright illustrations from Aleksia Bitskoff add to the delight of the book and the children have enjoyed studying the pages and pointing things out to me.

We have also been enjoying the Busy Wheels stories. 

busy wheels books

These come in a lovely bag and contains eight books which Mr D and Miss E love. So much so that I have bought these as a gift for a forthcoming birthday. The books are really bright and vibrant and will appeal to young children – which child doesn’t love vehicles!It includes focuses on emergency vehicles such as Police Cars and Ambulances as well as diggers and monster trucks.

Finally, I love these Stencil Art books (which I have hidden away for future learning projects). We have the Bugs one and the Safari Animals one.

pop out stencil art

Each book contains 15 stencils that pop out and a range of projects to give you some ideas on how to use them. The ideas include things like collages, mobiles, hand puppets and plant labels. The instructions are all clear and I can’t wait to get started with these – I might use them for some of Mr D’s birthday thank you cards in a couple of weeks as well as when we do some min-beasts focused learning,

pop out stencil art




  1. 12th October 2015 / 14:12

    What lovely books, the first ones look really fun!

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