Practical Facts – Forest Life & Sharks

Practical Facts – Forest Life & Sharks

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A few months ago we received some books from Dorling Kindersley (I really ought to have written about these before now!). We had a look through them at the time, and then for some reason we never got round to looking at them in any great detail.

fun facts from Dorling Kindersley for pre schoolers - easy fun facts and great activiites

Anyhow, this last week Mr D has had chicken pox which has meant we have had more time indoors than we might otherwise have had and, truth be told, all three children have been less than 100%. General lethargy and sniffles and of course Mr D being a little uncomfortable with the pox.

At the beginning of the week I thought we would take a look at these books again as I had spotted the children flicking through them. I asked them to choose an activity each to do. Typically they both chose ones that looked brilliant but needed paper plates. I have no idea what’s happened to our supply of paper plates but I couldn’t find a single one (this has since been rectified!). We therefore decided to make a bear mask and a puffer fish painting.

fun facts dorling kindersley

These books are great as they’re perfect for little ones to flick through and look at the pictures and animals. There are loads of bite size facts and details for them to absorb as well as some really brilliant hands on activities. I think our take on the multi colour bear masks are pretty good and we will be doing some more of the activities now I’ve replenished our paper plate supply!

simple bear crafts for pre schooler

The books, Forest Life & Woodland Creatures and  Sharks & Other Sea Creatures are a great addition to our library and I will be looking out for any future books in this series.  I liked that the children could get on with the activities with minimal input from me and gave them a sense of achievement when they’d finished them.


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