Planning ahead….

Planning ahead….

A few weeks ago when I was in Paperchase, I bought my husband’s valentines card… I thought it best to prepare ahead. It got me thinking about what other occasions are coming up that we should think about preparing for, as life with a newborn is a little restrictive in terms of time, energy and motivation to go card and gift shopping!

So… a quick look through the diary and aside from Valentine’s day we have a couple of birthdays in February and March, as well as Mother’s Day. I thought I would share some of my top gift ideas for Valentines and Mother’s Day.

To be honest, other than exchanging cards, we don’t really mark valentines day. However, I did last week buy some of these pretty soft glow candles from Homebase. They are really pretty and give a soft subtle glow and I am hoping that once the wax has been used, I will be able to wash them out and use as a tealight holder. The candle wax is burning really evenly, which surprised me so I am hopeful I will be able to reuse the jar. I also bought the tall purple vase in the picture below from TK Maxx for £2.99 and the pretty butterfly jar from Next for £4. It looks lovely with the daffodils in and the whole set would make a lovely centre piece on a table, or as we have it, on a sideboard.

With my soft glow candle
With my soft glow candle
Vase from TK Maxx and jars from Next
Vase from TK Maxx and jars from Next

The whole thing, including the fresh daffodils was a bargain at just £11 and looks so pretty and fresh, a lovely way to welcome Spring!

TK Maxx is brilliant for homewares and finding all sorts of different things. I also recently discovered a shop called Home Sense, which is part of the TK Maxx brand. I also randomly walked into Lawrence Llewllyn-Bowen whilst at the Trafford Centre store… I wonder if he would approve of my little display?

For my birthday and Christmas, my husband had a beautiful necklace made for me with Daniel’s hand and footprints on. The reverse has his birth information on, date, weight, time and length. He had it made by a company called Joulberry and he tells me that their customer service was really good. Now, I know my husband and I know how he isn’t a planner like me. Every year birthday and Christmas gifts are left until the last minute – which is fine as he always comes up trumps with some brilliant and thoughtful gifts. What this probably illustrates though is that the turnaround time from Joulberry must have been quick, especially during the Christmas period.


This would be a beautiful first time mother’s day gift for a new mum, although any dad’s out there might need help securing the foot and handprints as it is definitely a two person job – small children are not the most co-operative!!

For a more luxurious valentines gift then why not take a peek at the lovely Mylah Rose website? They sell a range of products for men and women, all made in England. The website is crisp and fresh and really easy to navigate. They have some lovely gifts on there, and I can recommend the gorgeous rose and violet truffles. For men there are some quirky cufflinks, and for women gorgeous bath products and candles. There really is something for everyone on the site, and, whilst some items are a little on the more expensive side, the items look to be quality and purchases will support home grown producers.

I’ve picked out some of my favourite items below from the lovely Mylah Rose website.

First up is the gorgeous Clovelly Clotted Cream candle. I bet this is amazing! I would probably never want to light this candle if it was bought for me though!

Or, how about the lovely melting moments bath set? This comes with nine items, all of which are SLS, SLES and Paraben free and made with sustainable organic oils, beeswax, herbal infusions and 100% essential oils. I’m a bit of a stickler about paraben free bath stuff, and having found some amazing paraben free bath bombs in the past I was upset to discover that the company has discontinued them, so I am really pleased to have comes across these by Quintessentially English, and they are now firmly added to my wish list.

Finally, how about a tea set? Whilst not particularly to my own taste, I know my husband’s mum would love one of these… and the stripey set would look lovely if you had a co-ordinated kitchen like a friend of mine.

The Mylah Rose website really is lovely and will certainly be one I will be bookmarking to re-visit in the future for those extra special gifts 🙂

**Disclaimer – I was sent a box of chocolates to review the Mylah Rose website. All other items I have purchase myself and all comments/words relating to the shops mentioned and Mylah Rose are my own***


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