Bump Watch – 37 Weeks

Bump Watch – 37 Weeks

So, I’m here at 37 weeks, which means that from now on in the baby is considered full term… scary!


37 Weeks (5)I am feeling very sore and achey today, and wasn’t at all surprised to hear that the baby is partially engaged now – there was one night last week when I could feel the baby’s head banging down into my pelvis, which was a very odd feeling – and not one I had experienced when pregnant with Daniel.


All appears to be fine and healthy, and today I completed my ‘birth plan’ with the midwife.  I have some anxieties about getting to hospital etc, but I am sure that all will be fine, when the time arrives.


It is now just a case of waiting. I haven’t had any Braxton Hicks type pains, but then I didn’t have those with Daniel either. Other than feeling bruised towards the bottom of the bump and into my pelvis when pressure is applied I actually feel really well.


The walk to the health centre is only 5/10 minutes, and at this stage with Daniel there was no way I could have walked there and back, however I quite enjoyed the walk today; I felt tired when I got home as there is a steep hill to walk back up, but that soon passed.


It’s been lovely to read on twitter about ladies who are due at a similar time to me having their babies, and I ‘met’ a twitter user today who is due on the same date as me, although she said that she has always gone over so we think my baby may arrive first. Time will tell of course!


So…. fingers crossed there will be a 38 week picture posted next week!



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    … nearly time then

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