Penguin Printables from Twinkl

Penguin Printables from Twinkl

As you may have seen from my previous posts (here and here), we have been learning about penguins. As ever I have turned to Twinkl and so I wanted to share my top penguin printables from twinkl.

Penguin Printables

The number ordering sheet has been a huge hit with both the children. Mr D has really developed his scissor skills and Miss E has demonstrated that she is able to count easily which I hadn’t realised before. There are two sheets, number 1-10 and then 11-20. We have worked through both sets and I can see we will be doing these again soon.

We enjoyed the label an emperor penguin sheet. I used this with Mr D to get him to think about which words might be the ones that I was saying, he is getting ever more interested in letters, sounds and the words that they make so it was good to have an activity that I could help him develop that with.

The label an emperor penguin is fab and it was an opportunity to get the children to use the books we have borrowed from our library as a reference point. We used the Miles Kelly 100 Facts about Penguins for this activity. It was a good opportunity to bring some ideas of research skills to them. We talked initially about how we find out which penguin was which and I was them able to talk them through it and they then showed me how they were identifying the other penguins. I was sorry to return this book earlier in the week.

Finally we used these label an emperor penguin. There is a Christmas theme but the children enjoyed them none the less. We used these in the Learning Resources wipe clean pockets I bought a few months back. Both the children have come on leaps and bounds with their pen control in recent months and I always like to have some activities ready and waiting in these pockets for them to dip into as and when they feel like it.

Other activities to support our penguin learning have included:

  • Messy play with the tuff spot
  • trip to local library to find some penguin themed books
  • Watched some short clips on YouTube of penguins in the wild – the children were enthralled by this







  1. 13th September 2016 / 10:28

    #ToddlerApprovedTuesday we love penguins in our house will be adding them to the list of theme play/learning, thanks

  2. 18th September 2016 / 07:51

    Sorry, meant to say #toddlerapprovedtuesday 😉

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