Four Weeks in – how are things going?

Four Weeks in – how are things going?

Mr H is now four weeks old. It’s a cliche but in those four short weeks it’s like he has always been with us. We have adjusted almost seamlessly into life as a family of five and, it is fair to say, he is a bit of a dream baby.

Whether or not it is because, with him being my third, I’m naturally more confident in my parenting choices, and more adept at getting us all out of the house. I know instinctively what needs to be in the change bag and I can almost second guess when he will wake from naps and can plan my time with Mr D and Miss E around that.

Maybe, by number three, the baby doesn’t have much choice other than to fit in to the already fully established family unit. He will have long heard the general noise and hustle and bustle of life with two small (and noisy!) children so he (seems!) unfazed by the shouting and banging around him.

Or maybe it is simply that he is a more content newborn than Mr D and Miss E were. Mr D was poorly at birth and it took a while for us to settle down. In part I suppose to my own newness in the role of ‘mum’ and having to learn a whole new set of skills. He also developed colic and I was that mum at the doctors, convinced there was something more wrong with him. Miss E, it is fair to say, was a very difficult baby. Leaving the house was a stress and I think it’s only testament to Damian and my parents (my mum in particular) that I didn’t develop post natal depression. Miss E had silent reflux that no one seemed to want to listen to me about. The GP in the end gave me some gaviscon for her, but more I suspect to calm me down after yet another trip to the Doctor which ended with me crying tears of frustration rather than any belief it would remedy things. This constant screaming from her coupled with the complete lack of sleep – she would nap for 20 mins at a time -meant that no one really enjoyed her ‘baby’ days.

Mr H on the other hand is a dream. I understand now how people say they enjoy these lazy newborn days, and it makes me sad for what we didn’t experience with the other two. He sleeps well and has established a nice pattern so far to his days – long deep sleep in the morning, wakeful in the mid afternoon before a snooze. Wakeful around 6 – 7pm before dozing on and off to bed time. He usually wakes once over night, twice at most.

I’ve not even needed to use the Maguari Miracle Blanket – an item I was keen to try given all the problems we had with Miss E even napping. I thought that this time swaddling might work for us instead. I liked the idea of this blanket as it is a unique shape which helps to make swaddling easier – the midwives when I was in hospital with Mr D made it look so simple but I never really got the hang of it. I did try swaddling him and it was pretty easy with this blanket, but I’ve not really needed to do it since as he’s been such a contented baby.

I keep telling people it is almost too easy – I’m under no illusions that there will be tough and difficult times in the weeks ahead, but for now I am enjoying these newborn days and enjoying seeing how much his older siblings dote on him.







  1. Pat
    21st July 2016 / 08:14

    He’s a beautiful boy and so chilled d

  2. Pauline
    21st July 2016 / 14:02

    Aw that’s lovely Sarah x

  3. 30th July 2016 / 21:51

    Oh so glad it’s going so well, hope he keeps it up! Mine is a similar age and also pretty good… I can’t complain but safe to say I’d forgotten how knackering the broken sleep is! Xx

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