Making Finger Puppets

Making Finger Puppets

A few weeks ago the good people at Sykes Cottage sent us a bundle of crafty bits to help us with making some finger puppets.

We used the finger puppet guide over on the Sykes Cottages blog. They were really simple to make and Daniel enjoyed helping to stick the various bits together – especially adding the eyes – this always seems to be the best bit of any craft activity for him!

penguin finger puppets

We used felt and goggly eyes for this finger puppet. I hand drew a template for the penguin and then used that to cut the felt. I used a fabric glue to glue the feet, beak, eyes and the white body onto the black and then handstitched the back and the body together. Daniel was very pleased with it and enjoyed waving it around!

As Emma was still napping I offered to make another finger puppet. I asked what he would like and he said ‘daddy monkey’. I’ve mentioned before that Daniel is a little monkey obsessed.

I wasn’t entirely sure how best to make monkey, so a quick look on google and I managed to make something up…. Daniel liked it anyway and that is, of course, the main thing!

sykes cottages finger puppets

When Emma woke Daniel was excited to show off his little finger puppets to Emma – but of course wasn’t keen on sharing with her!

Over the summer I think we will be making some more finger puppets as they are a lovely idea and it’s good for me to have project to think about too!


Sykes Cottages provided the materials for these finger puppets in exchange for this post.


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