Gorgeous Baby Books from Dorling Kindersley

Gorgeous Baby Books from Dorling Kindersley

The past couple of weeks we have had some lovely book post from the team at Dorling Kindersley. We really are spoilt and it has been lovely for Mr H to have some books of his own. I am SO looking forward to when they’re a little older and we can enjoy longer chapter books together.

I remember reading the Chronicles of Narnia with my mum and dad and I want to enjoy these sorts of longer books with my three too. It’s so important for children to enjoy books – it helps their imaginations, their language skills and of course it’s just lovely to enjoy a book.

Mr H has been enjoying 100 First Words which is a large, bright and bold board book. There is so much to talk about on the pages of this book and we have been enjoying looking at the pages. Our favourites are the animals – Mr H’s older siblings like to do the various noises of the animals for him. This will be an excellent book to help him develop his language skills in the coming months.

DK baby books

As you would expect, it covers all the familiar topics that are sure to engage young children, my body (always good to help them touch and identify their body parts). The images are a mixture of photographs and illustrations and are very bright and engaging.

Mr H is still at the ‘pick it up and eat it’ stage of life but as this is quite a large, sturdy book he hasn’t been able to do any damage to it, plus it has withstood the rough handling!

The second baby books we have been looking at are these lovely ‘Really Feely’ books. We have received copies of the Farm and Baby Animals ones. These are great books complete with double spreads of plenty of things for little ones to touch and feel. The cover itself is amazing and Mr H has spent ages just feeling the different textures on them; I haven’t come across books quite as tactile as this straight from the cover. You can see inside these books below.

These books are published at the end of March and would be perfect Easter gifts for little ones and of course timely with the Spring.



  1. suzanna
    20th March 2017 / 08:09

    DK books are always so beautiful and sturdy.We had The First 100 words for the grandchildren. Great book

  2. 20th March 2017 / 14:18

    We got these too! Brilliant books for little ones – they seem to really have upped their preschool non-fiction collection at the moment. #readwithme

  3. 22nd March 2017 / 15:44

    These certainly sound like lovely books. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. #ReadWithMe

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