Moses Gate Country Park, Bolton

Moses Gate Country Park, Bolton

On Sunday evening a friend posted that they were heading to Moses Gate Country Park for the day on Monday and if anyone was free then would they like to meet up. As we didn’t have any plans I thought it would make for a nice day out.

So, armed with sandwiches and drinks we headed across to Moses Gate for the day yesterday.

Moses Gate Country Park is in Farnworth, Bolton and was only about a 35 minute drive for us. There was ample parking so we chose a spot, put our wellies on and headed straight to the play area.

The play area is amazing. It’s well maintained and there is a lot for children to play on. There is a huge slide which all the children had great fun on, as well as various assault course style things. It was great to see Mr D and Miss E clambering around on these. The play area is all enclosed and as it was so quiet I was able to let the children run around without keeping too close an eye on them.

moses gate country park bolton

After a couple of hours – yes hours – playing in the play area and after a bite to eat we set off for a walk around the lake. There looks to be a couple of lake areas to walk around, and I think some are fishing lakes. We had a short walk as Miss E was tiring by this point and I was mindful of getting back home in time to get our evening meal cooked.

moses gate country park bolton

There is a little wooden bridge that we walked across and it led to an area where a den has been made. The children all added to it (I think there were seven or so families there today and around 11 children) and they had great fun trying to start fires (with very little success), climbing trees, getting stuck in mud and gathering sticks.

moses gate country park

I can’t wait for the warmer weather as I am sure this is a park we will head back to with a picnic and a football. There is a large grassed area where the children were playing with balls and just generally running around and having fun.

I am so pleased that we headed out yesterday to Moses Gate, I wasn’t going to go initially as I thought we might stay closer to home but as it turned out it was much quicker to get there than I expected and we had a ball.  I look forward to exploring Moses Gate much more on future visits.


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  1. Pat
    14th March 2017 / 07:19

    It looks great. I think we’ll be visiting there with the children.

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