Enjoying the Garden

Enjoying the Garden

When we first moved into our house, our garden didn’t have a lawn. The previous owners had put decking in and filled the rest of the space with stones.

We knew we wouldn’t keep the stones so a few years back we cleared them all and laid turf instead. This year I am hoping we get some good weather to really enjoy the garden. Already with the good weather this week we have been enjoying making use of our outdoor space.

We like to plant some seeds so the children and I have started to plant sunflowers earlier this week and also picked up some more seeds this week too. We have various plant pots and tubs dotted around the garden that we like to fill with colourful plants and flowers. There’s a balance to be found in making the garden nice and bright but not making it full of things that the children can’t play near for fear of damaging.

Last year we acquired a couple of small sandpits for the garden that the children love and I suspect if we have a decent spell of weather the larger of the two will be filled with water to play in. They also had a slide and we have picked up some cheap outdoor toys from B & M this week too which has already proved popular with them both (and Damian and I!).

I’m sure we will also make good use of the tuff spot again this summer with various games and the such played on there.

I think I’ll also look to replace the fairy lights we had that I strung up along a fence – these always looked pretty as the evenings drew in and were quite effective and I might look to get an acrylic garden mirror or two from Simply Plastics as I think it would be a good way to introduce some interest in the garden in some of the more shaded areas.

The children have also asked to decorate some large stones so we will be looking for some on our walks out and about to decorate and place in the garden round and about. All little things to make the garden a little prettier but practical too.



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