Easy Indian Supermeals – Review

Easy Indian Supermeals – Review

A month ago I was asked if I would like to review the Easy Indian Supermeals cookbook by Zainab Jagot Ahmed. Being a fan of home cooked meals I jumped at the chance.

Easy Indian Supermeals reviewThe book is squarely aimed at the family market and offers advice on weaning and family food in general. The pages are packed with lots of helpful information, for example I made the Indian Cottage Pie and there is a snippet of information about the nutritional benefits of Worcestershire sauce.

All the recipes have an image of the finished item, which I always find helpful and information about how long it will take to prepare and cook, whether it can be frozen and how many it will serve.

I have made three dishes from this book so far, the Indian Cottage Pie, Indian Salmon Risotto and the Simple Family Dhal. They all turned out as they should. I have only tasted the Dhal (being vegetarian the others aren’t suitable for me) but they all seem to have gone down well, especially the risotto.

Whenever I have bought Indian style cook books in the past I have found it frustrating that I have wanted to make something but there are a list of spices that aren’t always easy to get hold of. The recipes here all seem to use spices that are pretty standard in most kitchens, I haven’t had to go out to buy anything that I didn’t already have. I also liked that alongside curry dishes that are some twists on classic dishes, such as the cottage pie, Yorkshire hotpot or spaghetti bolognaise.

Salmon Risotto
Indian Salmon Risotto

The book is a hardback book and really bright and colourful. There’s lots of information and advice if you want to follow a non baby led weaning process as well as information about food groups etc. Perfect for those just embarking on the exciting stage of weaning.

It’s nice as well to find a cook book that doesn’t shy away from tasty children’s food. Daniel and Emma have always eaten whatever we are having so it’s nice to have a family cookbook that has good quality food in it that is aimed at all stages from weaning.

You can buy this fab book over at Amazon (link here). It’s well worth the investment.



    • 9th December 2014 / 21:19

      yes, it is brilliant this book, there are so many things in it I want to try out! I have some great books, I must write a post about them….

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