My 15 Festive Favourites

My 15 Festive Favourites

I have been tagged by Jane over at Hodge Podge Days in this lovely festive favourites post… I will admit I am not the most Christmassy of people, but here you go!

Favourite Festive Food
Probably the roast potatoes on Christmas Day. I’m vegetarian so not bothered by the turkey and I don’t like mince pies or Christmas pud. I also love the little potato chip things that Sainsburys do around this time of year,

Favourite Reindeer
Blitzen. Don’t know why, I guess I like the name!

Favourite Day of Christmas
Hmmm… I’m not so sure. I think I like Boxing Day the most. It’s usually a quiet day, after the madness of all the visiting we do on Christmas eve and Christmas Day Boxing Day is a much calmer, more restful day.

Favourite Christmas Song.
I wrote about this not long ago. Dominik the Donkey is a current fave as Daniel and Emma like listening to this one.

Favourite Present
I think as you get older it is less about the stuff you get, but more the time you get to spend with family. I don’t really want anything this year, at least nothing material. I have the stuff I want. I think the best present I am giving this year is to Daniel and Emma, and it is their play kitchen.

Favourite Christmas Film
I love Santa Claus – naff now but a real 80’s classic!

Favourite Festive Cracker Toy
I can honestly say I have never ever thought about a favourite cracker toy! Probably the over sized comedy paperclip?

Favourite Cracker Joke
What do you get if you eat Christmas decorations?

Favourite Christmas Decoration
We have a little penguin thing we bought the first year we were married from Marks & Spencer. I love that and I also have a reindeer made from wood that stands on the mantlepiece

Favourite Christmas Candle Scent
Again, I haven’t really got one. I quite like the berry scented things, or anything with cinnamon in. I’m not a massive fan of vanilla scents though or anything too sweet, I always think it gets a bit sickly after a bit!

Favourite Christmas TV Advert
I very rarely watch TV, and if I do then it’s is series that we have taped or have on DVD. I like the John Lewis advert though.

Favourite Festive Tradition
We don’t really have any traditions as such, but I suppose it is having a glass of mulled wine as we put the tree up, and arguing over whether I am allowed to decorate it or not. Damian is very particular about the tree, so when it does go up this week Daniel, Emma and I will just have to stand and watch him!

Favourite Place to Spend Christmas
I always find the day itself a bit of a whirlwind, and that will definitely have to change next year when Daniel understands Christmas so much more. We spend a lot of the day travelling from place to place visiting people but I do enjoy seeing everyone, but just not sure how it will all work in future years. I enjoy breakfast with Damian’s parents, then lunch with my parents but I also enjoy getting home to a glass of wine and it just being Damian and I (once Daniel and Emma are in bed!)

Favourite Christmas Fact
Not a fact as such, but the song 12 Days of Christmas is actually a lesson in the Catholic faith. So for example, the two turtle doves is the old and new testament. It’s actually really interesting. More info can be found here.

Favourite Snowman Accessory
A scarf – I love scarves and have far too many for any snowmen we might make to choose from!

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