My Buddy Box Review

My Buddy Box Review

A few months ago I spotted a call out from a company looking for bloggers to review their product – My Buddy Box.

I don’t make claims to being the most eco-friendly person in the world, but I do re-use my shopping bags the majority of the time (I have three of the big plastic ones from Aldi and some Sainsburys and Tesco ones).

My Buddy Box was created in response to the plastic bag tax which will come into force later this year. The team behind My Buddy Box want supermarkets to help consumers to avoid this tax.

I wanted to love this product. I really did. When it arrived I was impressed that it folded up so neatly and poppered together with the use of some strong press studs. I liked the little handle on it and it fit neatly into the boot of my car. I decided I would use it on my next outing to Aldi.

my buddy box review
My BuddyBox folded in onself

I decided to set the box up in the trolley and fill it whilst I was going around, on the basis that when I was then filling the trolley again after going through the checkout it would be already unfolded. Opening the box up and I managed to scrape my wrist, I’m not entirely sure on what part I did it, but I did. I then found it to be a bit of an odd size to use easily – it is almost the full length of the trolley and the width of the narrow bit of the trolley. Also, it folds back in on itself unless it has anything weighting the side of it.

It was a bit of a pain to fill whilst I was shopping as it kept folding in on itself until I had enough stuff in it to keep it pushed open. I since realised that there are a set of rails that slide across to keep the box rigid, but that isn’t obvious unless you take a look on the website.

I did my shopping and to be fair, it did hold an awful lot of shopping. I lifted it into the boot of the car; it was sturdy and held the weight of all the food and various bits I had filled it with. However I found it a bit cumbersome to carry – again I think the length of it was the issue. It does have some handles at either end but I found they hurt my hands a little.


my buddy box review

mybuddybox4I took the box again when I visited Tesco, this time I decided to leave the box folded up with a view to using it at the checkout rather than bags. However, as I didn’t buy a huge amount it seemed a bit pointless having the box so ended up using bags anyway.

I have used the my buddy box a couple of more times at the supermarket, in a bid to give it a fair review. However, I just found that I was ending up using bags. I found it a little cumbersome to lift in and out of the trolley with both Daniel and Emma sat in the seats.

In the information that the team at My Buddy-Box sent they said

MyBuddy-Box not only will provide an improved, permanent and reliable way of transporting groceries but it is much better value for money than any bag for life, hessian bag out there. These boxes not only have thousands of uses but will last for decades with constant use.

There are some uses around the house (for example moving kids toys from room to room or moving washing from the machine to drying spaces etc) My buddy box now sits in the boot of my car and stores footballs, slings and Daniel’s wellies for park visits.

I was sent the Henley design box to review and they are priced at £14.99. If you want to try a My Buddy Box for yourself, then use code SARAH to get free P&P.

I really want to love this product, but I’m not sure I am convinced it is going to be a replacement for the bags I currently use.

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  1. 25th March 2015 / 10:38

    Great idea, but it does sound like there are a few issues. I love Trolley bags, they are fantastic! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

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