08/12 – August

08/12 – August

I say it every month but wow – we have packed SO much in this month. It’s been a whirlwind and I am sure I should be on my knees with exhaustion! We really have done so much. We have been to birthday parties, family meals and had friends round to play. We have spent hours and hours outside – something we are all much better for, and milestones have been reached.

We have continued with our music classes and Mr D, in particular, is doing well at these. Both Mr D and Miss E are learning the recorder but I think Mr D finds it easier and he is able to pick up the rhythm a bit better. Our class isn’t on now for a couple of weeks so I have some things I want to practice with them whilst we wait for it to restart and I suspect I’ll share our experiences so far.

We have had lots of fun at our weekly Spanish group and I finished my own adult learning Spanish course, there is an option to continue this but I think I will stop for now and spend more time on revising what I have learnt so far and work through some workbooks to help perfect my reading and grammar knowledge.

We have had days out to the Llangollen Bike Festival which was lovely although we did get soaked when we were caught in a huge storm! We went to the Traction Engine Rally in Chelford and have spent a lot of time in Reddish Vale observing the many different birds – I even managed to spot a Kingfisher on my most recent trip which was wonderful. It flew off before I managed to get a picture.

We have picked more blackberries than I dare think about and have made jam and five or so crumbles to enjoy. We have had days out with friends to local parks and they have had great fun with their grandparents learning all about the Thunderbirds – I suspect my dad enjoys this just as much as the children do!

August feels like a month when all three have suddenly grown. Mr D has really developed his mathematical understanding. It’s hard to explain but he just ‘gets’ things now; things in the past that would have required much more thought from him. His confidence is growing and he mastered how to ride his bike; much to his complete and utter joy. Miss E too is growing – her hair looks to be losing those curls and she’s become utterly absorbed by the natural world around her. She picked up a beech tree seed a week or two ago when we parked up and she has been fascinated ever since. She has drawn the seed and has observed them as they open up and the seeds come out. She has also been very taken with the two swans and cygnets at Reddish Vale and has been totally mesmerised by them.

She is also doing well at her gymnastics class and having something that is solely hers is doing her the world of good. We will see how this goes, she has only been three times so far but she seems to be enjoying it, which is of course the main thing.

Mr H is on the brink of toddlerhood – he is going to be the slowest of the three to take those first steps. He is beginning to push himself to standing and will balance for a second or two. He hasn’t attempted any steps yet, but he is getting more and more confident and I know it will happen in the next five weeks or so – and there’ll be no stopping him when he gets going. I’m looking forward to him joining his older siblings in out stomps outside.

This month I joined a local gym – I’d planned to get out running but it just never happened. I think by the time I am ready to go out I simply can’t be bothered. The gym is working for me as I’m able to get to some of the classes (I love spin classes) and having the weights is also something I find useful. I am managing a good routine and have been making the most of Damian having some time off this last week to get there first thing – I feel much better for it. I did do a fabulous class on Bank Holiday Monday morning – it was a stretching based one and it’s just the sort of thing that really works for me. It’s not one I’ll be able to make that often as I wouldn’t be back in time for Damian to head to work, but it is one I’ll tap into as and when I can I think.

September promises to be an exciting month. It is, of course, the start of our Home Education journey. We have a ‘not starting school’ picnic to head to early next week as well as the return of PE classes and the start of another group I am giving a try. Mr D will be heading to a local football club too one evening next week to see how he likes that and I am confident that September will see him also progress to the next stage with his swimming too. I love September and with it the promise of autumn – my favourite season. I’m really excited to get stuck into our nature curriculum (which I’ve written about here). I am on the hunt for a couple of books and I am looking forward to working alongside the children as we learn more about our natural world and develop some new skills together.

I hope your August has been as enjoyable as ours! My monthly picture is one of all five of us this time – it’s a real favourite of mine.



  1. 4th September 2017 / 09:18

    Wow! What a busy month. I’ve been meaning to re-learn French but just not found the time. Joining a group could be the way to go. I hope I can find one local to me. Enjoy your not starting school picnic 🙂

  2. 4th September 2017 / 16:23

    What a busy month, I remember playing the recorder when I was at school and I loved it x

  3. 4th September 2017 / 20:01

    Absolutely loved reading this post, it’s so lovely to read about what you all got up to and how the children are developing and coming into themselves a bit more. Love that H is on the brink of toddlerhood – it’s such a lovely age! I really like this idea for a blog post, I don’t think I’m exciting enough to manage to pull one off every month.

  4. 5th September 2017 / 02:42

    Aw you really did have a busy month. Glad to hear that Mr D is growing in confidence and gaining more understanding of maths x

  5. 5th September 2017 / 09:57

    Having moved house in July, we took it slow in August. Our biggest ‘event’ was my son starting at his new school!

  6. cvnxena
    5th September 2017 / 16:04

    Sounds like a very busy August! We are exhausted and waiting for them to get back to school now haha!

  7. 5th September 2017 / 18:05

    Phew, it really does sound like you’ve had a busy month! I think those days are the best fun! I’ve heard so many people lately say their favourite season is autumn – it’s my least favourite, mainly because my favourite season has just ended!

  8. 6th September 2017 / 07:51

    Wow, you really have packed an awful lot into one month – you’re an inspiration! 😀 Good luck with the new gym routine, it’s worth it. 🙂

  9. 7th September 2017 / 09:22

    It is so good that you are learning Spanish. You seem to enjoy it too. A month really full on! I hope September will be as busy!

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