05/12 – May

05/12 – May

I can’t believe that we are already into the start of June – almost halfway through the year, and June of course brings a first birthday for Mr H.

May has been a very busy month – we really do seem to have packed an awful lot in this month. We started the month with a trip to Anglers Country Park in Wakefield. We all had a fab day and it’s somewhere we will head back to again in the future as the children had lots of fun there.

We have spent a lot of time outdoors this month, making the most of the better weather. We have been out with my brother, with friends and as a family. We have made use of local parks and the local canal and over the final bank holiday of the month we took a walk along the canal and spotted two swans with their four cygnets. They were very beautiful.

swan and cygnets

The children’s imaginative play continues to amaze us – favourite games seem to be playing picnics or shops with various activities set up by the older two. Occasionally H is awarded a part in their play – over the last weekend as Mr D and Miss E were ‘sailing’ to Australia (the sofas were boats) Mr H was assigned the role of shark. I’m not sure how effective his role playing was but they all seemed happy enough.

We had a week away in Snowdonia which was a lot of fun and we packed a lot in, despite Mr H being very poorly with chicken pox. We managed to visit beaches, where we saw crabs and jellyfish. We went on steam trains, visited castles and museums and a lovely tea room where we learnt a lot about bees.

Mr D’s handwriting has seen a huge improvement this month. He really does like workbooks and anything that has a target to achieve. I never push these but this last month he has taken to getting the books out and working through them. Sometimes a page at a time and other times he will do three or four pages. He is also beginning to spell out words – most noticeably over the weekend when making a card for a friend he was trying to spell out her name. It’s the first time he has really attempted that and I was really impressed. His writing is getting smaller and neater and he is increasingly able to read some simple words (such as cat, dog). Both Mr D and Miss E are working through Reading Eggs still, and most importantly enjoying it.

May also saw us make an important decision to home educate Mr D. We are excited by this and can’t wait to see where our journey takes us. I need to give some thought about how home education might look for us, although in reality I don’t think much will change day to day. Mr D thrives with structure so I think we will have a loose structure for the core things such as reading and maths as we are keen that the children have a good grounding in these. The other subjects we will do by following their interests or looking at seasonal ideas, such as Easter, autumn and notable days such as Saints Days and the such. I’ll write more about how our Home Education might look in due course; most likely over the summer months when we have had more time to think.

The children continue to enjoy Spanish and I continue to enjoy my evening classes too. I am so glad we started these lessons as it really is much easier for them to learn when they are still so young.

Looking forward to June, we have Mr H’s first birthday and a trip to London so I am sure that, now we are all over the chicken pox, we will have another busy month.

It would be wrong of me to not mention the bomb that happened in my home city, Manchester, during May. It’s a strange one as I am never really affected by things like this; it’s not that I am cold hearted but I can distance myself from it. Perhaps it’s because it happened just 20 minutes or so from home, in my city, at a location I have been to so many times, and a location I was just a short walk away from that evening whilst I attended my Spanish class. Maybe it’s the fact that, in just a few short years, it could be me and my children targetted; my children coming home from a concert or me waiting to collect them. I don’t know. It’s scary and horrible and my reaction overnight as I watched the news updates on twitter was that I simply wanted to gather the children and run. I didn’t sleep well at all that night, all I could think about were those parents frantically searching for their children in a city I know so well. Those parents who would return to empty homes, and those children who in an instant lost their parents.

I want to protect my own children as much as I can from the horrors of the world. It is, of course, impossible to do so. All we can do is enjoy our days and hope that we aren’t one of the unlucky ones and be thankful for those that ran to help those in need. Those taxi drivers who ferried people away, the emergency services, the doctors and nurses and those unseen and behind the scenes of our hospitals making sure those that were in need were seen and sorted as quickly as possible. Always look for the helpers.

May has been a wonderful month for us, and the events of the 22nd May make me ever thankful that I am able to spend my days with three very special little people.

Manchester bee





  1. gingeybiteseats
    4th June 2017 / 10:56

    Sounds like you guys have been having lots of fun! Here’s to another busy month!

  2. 4th June 2017 / 10:59

    We have had some great weather so I’m not surprised you have been out with the kiddies, we rarely get good weather on the UK do we? I’m jealous of your week in Snowdonia. I live in South Wales but have never been

  3. 4th June 2017 / 15:27

    We have also enjoyed the warmer weather, it is so nice to be outside more.

  4. PAT
    4th June 2017 / 17:12

    Lovely Sarah. Harry will have been a very smiley shark. X

  5. 4th June 2017 / 21:48

    Oh wow you fund some cygnets. I’ve been looking out for some in our local parks but I haven’t seen any yet. They are sooooooo cute!!!!!

  6. shelley
    5th June 2017 / 13:41

    the weather has been amazing lately which must of been great for half term 🙂

  7. 6th June 2017 / 09:13

    So glad to hear you are all enjoying the lessons. I hope June will be a wonderful month for you all just as May was. Enjoy the beautiful weather.

  8. 6th June 2017 / 19:25

    Sounds like May was quite busy. And I bet you all enjoyed Snowdonia alot. I’ve visited with my husband pre-BattleKid and am looking forward to taking him there on holidays.

  9. 7th June 2017 / 09:55

    It sounds like you had a lovely month of May, but you’re so right that the events of May 22nd make us so grateful for our family.

  10. 12th June 2017 / 00:57

    Looks and sounds like May was a busy month for you and the family – hope June is just as enjoyable (and without a disastrous event like the Manchester bombing) x

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