Twinkl Dinosaur Printables

Twinkl Dinosaur Printables

You will have spotted a dinosaur theme to the blog in recent weeks – we have done a couple of dinosaur themed activities (links to these below) and we have of course been making good use of our Twinkl subscription too with lots of their lovely dinosaur printables to do a range of crafts and activities.

I thought I’d share the ones that Mr D and Miss E have been enjoying as they’ve had a lot of interest on Facebook and Instagram.

links to a wide range of pre school dinosaur themed printables

First up was a very popular build a shape dinosaur which is a free twinkl printable – this has been printed out time and time again for the children to do – Miss E in particular really enjoys doing this and is surprisingly good at it! We have been using the pritt stick magic glue – it’s perfect for them as it goes on blue so they can see where they’ve applied glue to. It does take a bit of time to cut the shapes out but it’s well worth it and the children have used this lots.

Twinkl dinosaur printables

Another very popular one was the dinosaur split pin characters. I printed these onto white card and left the children to colour them in. We then cut them out and added split pins – they really enjoyed doing these and they’ve been well played with too. These were great for fine motor skills as Mr D added the split pins in himself which I was really impressed with.

twinkl dinosaur printables

We have also been having fun with various colouring sheets. There are some great Harry and the Dinosaurs sheets available and also these dinosaur posters (which are free to download). We also enjoyed the dinosaur dictionary as the children were able to identify a number of the dinosaurs they knew. It was really interesting to watch Mr D carefully colour this sheet in. Sometimes when colouring he gets bored and scribbles quickly, looking to move onto the next sheet but with this he was very careful to colour in each dinosaur and ask its name.

twinkl dinosaur printables

Mr D and I have also looked at these label the dinosaur sheets. These are good for early letter recognition as well as Mr D being able to identify the correct parts of the dinosaurs for each label. I also have this cut and stick worksheet to do with them both in the coming week.

We are keen to extend the children’s maths knowledge so I printed off a dinosaur themed 1-20 number line (free resource) and this roll and colour sheet for them both. They both really enjoy playing these games so we have had fun with this, as well as getting Mr D thinking about adding numbers together. He is increasingly interested in double digits and asks me on a daily basis what does a 1 and a 7 make mummy, so this has been a good way to encourage that.


The dinosaur counting busy bag has also been well used – I printed and laminated each of the cards and added in some wooden pegs. The children have enjoyed using this and it’s one I’ve had to hand at recent doctor visits to keep them occupied.

It never fails to amaze me how finding the right thing to engage a child can make all the difference. Mr D has shown little interest in attempting letter and number formation, however with these number and alphabet sheets he has been happy writing away and has done really well. Simply by adding the dinosaurs in has inspired him to have a go. For these I laminated the sheets and he uses a dry wipe pen.

I have also been working on Miss E’s pen control with the shadow matching sheets and a colour, trace and join the dots sheet. I bought some Learning Resources Wipe Clean Pockets recently so have been popping these worksheets into those for the children to use. They’ve been a huge success and I’ll be using these a lot more in the future to cut down on the laminating.

twinkl dinosaur printables

We have some other sheets ready and waiting to be looked at over the coming week including:

The children’s interest in dinosaurs shows no sign of abating so I am making the most of it whilst I can! They are incredibly engaged in anything with a dinosaur theme to it and I have been looking at some games to buy to play with them such as these dinosaur dominoes, snap or memory games from the Natural History Museum shop.

dinosaur games





  1. 6th June 2016 / 09:47

    Amazing! Thank you so much for this lovely review – I don’t know how you manage to keep your children on task for so long – I need some tips!

    • 8th June 2016 / 14:21

      It helps that they are *really* motivated by dinosaurs! Honestly Mr D loves anything as long as it has a dino on it! x

  2. 14th June 2016 / 12:23

    twinkl have some wonderful ideas, we have the roll colour version from twinkl on farm animals for our education pages.

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