STEM Books to Ignite the Mind

STEM Books to Ignite the Mind

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This week we have our first STEM fair. I’m really excited about this one, as I am keen to see what our friends have done and to get some inspiration for future projects and ideas.

Our theme is electricity, a topic that D chose on the way home from the History fair that we attended a month or so ago. D has a snap circuits type thing that my brother bought him a Christmas or so back and he loves it; I often find him building circuits up so it was a logical choice for him to want to do this in more detail. E hasn’t been particularly interested in this project, but I am keen for her to get involved in future STEM work. We have a lovely range of books that will encourage anyone – young and old to get involved in STEM activities. I’m sharing my favourites here today.

The first is probably my fave – Stupendous Science and it really is a belter of a book – it’s eye-catching and it’s got 70 brilliant experiments inside to get your mind working. We did the ‘electric lemon’ experiment from this book and we will be showing it at the fair (if I remember to buy lemons!). There’s a wide range of experiments in this one, and they’re all clearly explained as well an explanation as to what the science is behind it! It is probably my go-to book for all things science based at the moment

Another I have been using is Follow the Link: A Journey Through Technology. This is a really clever book that explains about experiments and how they have lead to discoveries and how they’re linked to other things – for example when Galvani made a dead frog’s legs twitch it was the beginnings of our understanding about electricity (his theory wasn’t exactly right though) and this in turn linked to lots of things – including rescuing survivors from the Titanic. This really is a very clever book and one I look forward to digging into more. There a companion title too, Follow the Link: A Journey Through Transportation which is as equally impressive.

follow the link book

Next up is 51 things to make with egg boxes and this is on my list to get the children to have a look through this week and choose an activity as we have an empty egg box to craft with. There’s nothing quite like an egg box for crafting and this book has ideas from little bugs to owls and masks to dumper trucks. I look forward to seeing what the children choose!

egg box bugs

If you’re after a more complex challenge then Build It! is a great book. This is a little advanced for us, at the moment, but I know this will be a book that they’ll love when they’re a little older. There are 25 projects in this book covering all manner of things such as marble mazes, catapults, traffic lights and periscopes. All the equipment you’ll need for each project is clearly marked out and there are very clear instructions for each project.

What are your favourite STEM books for inspiring young minds?



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