Thoughts turning to Spring

Thoughts turning to Spring

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After the ‘beast from the east’ not too long ago, these last couple of days have had a spring-like quality to them – it feels like it’s been a long time coming!

As much as I love the changing seasons, it can be hard when the winter feels just so long – cold dark mornings and the long dark evenings can seem never ending but we have, thankfully, seen some of the promise of Spring, and the better weather is a welcome change.

Spring always brings with it a chance to have a sort out. Damian has promised me that the next few weeks will see him decorate a couple of rooms and sort out a few of the jobs on the ever-expanding list. In the meantime, I’m going to sort through all the ‘stuff’ that we seem to have once again accumulated. Just *how* we acquire just do much stuff never ceases to amaze me,

My spring cleaning doesn’t take any particular approach – I don’t follow Kon Mari or other popular decluttering methods, but I thought I’d share my top tips for getting the house in order with a focus on the kitchen as this seems to be an area of ever-expanding chaos for me at the moment!

tips to spring clean your kitchen

First up, get three large boxes – the fruit boxes from supermarkets are good for this. As you clean your kitchen, anything that you don’t want or need should be placed in one box. Anything that shouldn’t be in the kitchen place in another box, and anything you’re not sure about, place in the third box. When you’ve finished anything in the first box can be given away/donated to charity shops, items in the second box should be put back in the correct room. The third box should be gone through again. If you want to keep it, find a space for it, if not it should be moved into the first box. You’ll be amazed at just how much stuff you amass and clear out quickly doing this.

It really does make a difference when you take everything off the worktops in the kitchen, and it’s a good opportunity to give all the gadgets a really good clean as well as giving the worktops a good scrub too. A few years back we replaced the worktops in our old kitchen and it made such a big difference to the room, sites like Worktop Express are really good for finding different styles of worktops.

I always think about where I keep things on the worktops – what gadgets do you use a lot? If there is something out which isn’t used often then think about putting it in a cupboard – it can leave your kitchen feeling less cluttered and gives you better access to the things that you do use on a regular basis. Weirdly I find I use my mini food processor much more now it’s away in the cupboard and not left in the corner of the kitchen.

Perhaps my biggest tip when spring cleaning is to be ruthless with the things you are keeping – we used to have a whole cupboard dedicated to cups. We don’t drink that much tea and coffee, and never have that many visitors in one go that we needed to keep 50 cups. I ended up getting rid of most of them, keeping only those that we wanted. Often local community groups are in need of cups so they’re usually a welcome donation.

If you have the motivation, continue to spring clean around the house – I find clearing out mine and the children’s wardrobes and taking stock of what we have, and what we need helps. I try and replace clothes with quality items, and sites like OD’s make buying quality designer clothing much easier.

Over Easter I hope to get a really good sort out and clean of the kitchen – and then move onto our dining room – any tips for getting our home ed resources under control would be most welcome!



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