Salariya Books

Salariya Books

One of the perils of night feeds is that I find I tend to browse my phone and end up seeing lots of things I want to add to the wish list… or worse end up making random ebay purchases. During one such night feed I came across a publisher called Salariya.

I am always on the look out for new books and spotted a dinosaur activity book which I knew would be a hit with Mr D and Miss E. The team at Salariya sent me a package of books last week and the children and I have been enjoying them.

Along with the fab dinosaur activity book they also sent us Fright Night and The Dad with 10 Children – a day at the museum.

Salariya Book Review


The Dinosaur book was a huge hit with the children although we did struggle with the dinosaur models that are included to make. There are lots of stickers which the children enjoyed sticking into the relevant places and learning about the dinosaurs as well as doing some of the other activities.

Salariya Book Review

Fright Night is a great book that seeks to reassure young children that all the funny things they can see in the dark are really just normal things that the darkness distorts. There are pull tabs which changes the pictures and the children think these are brilliant. It’s a lovely sturdy book that they’ve read a few times, both with me and to each other.


Finally the Dad with 10 Kids – this was my least favourite but Miss E enjoyed this. There is opportunity to count, as well as counting in twos and threes. It was a good opportunity to do counting activities with both the children whilst we read – they’re much more receptive to maths based learning when we are reading. The illustrations are very cartoonish which I haven’t seen in a book for a while.

Salariya Book Review

I was really impressed with these books and they are certainly a publisher to keep an eye one – I’m already adding more of their books to our wish lists.


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  1. Pat
    10th August 2016 / 21:17

    I love that Fright Night book. I’ll look forward to reading it.

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