Protecting Your Digital Legacy

Protecting Your Digital Legacy

As a parent it becomes ever more crucial to think about protecting your assets, making sure that in the event something happens to you, there is something to pass to your children.

Whilst Damian and I hope to be around for many many years to come, we really ought to set about writing our will, making sure that provision is made for the children, and that our estate is easy to manage. We should also make sure that the things that matter are passed on. Things like my engagement and wedding rings. That the books I have been writing bit by bit for the children are saved for them. We are also keen to have all our financial stuff as clear as possible.

I guess when people set about thinking about these things they think about the practical things. The financial stuff like making sure all our bank accounts are accessible, that the information about mortgages etc are clear and easy to follow. But do we ever stop to think about our digital estate and digital legacy? I’ll admit it’s not something I have given much thought to. I print off the more personal blog posts and save for the children, for one day in the future on the basis that there are 100s of blog articles to read through, so by printing some off they have the ones I think are the most special to read in the future. The ones that reflect on them as they are now.

protecting digital legacy

But what about my overall online presence and my wider ‘digital estate’? What about my social media life? I share lots of pictures and the such on my Instagram and personal Facebook – how would these be accessed, and who do I want to be able to access it? is a website that promises to take the stress and worry out of this, and will help to preserve your online legacy. This article from the BBC helps you to understand the different types of online legacys that you will leave behind. There is the financial side, which is all the practical stuff like bank accounts, tax returns, mortgages, paypal etc. The social such as Facebook, twitter and blogs and, finally, the sentimental. The pictures, the travel maps, videos. There is so much scattered across the web and storage devices that it can be hard to remember where it all is! promises an easy way to pull all this together into one easy space for your loved ones to access. You can upload a range of digital assets as well as store online account information. You can then appoint trustees who will be able to access your site. You can read more about here and sign up to begin your own account.

We want so much to protect the ones we love, so why not protect your digital memories too, to pass on the things that, in years to come, will matter and bring comfort.


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  1. 9th March 2017 / 19:35

    What a great concept and something that is very important thinking agbout.

  2. 10th March 2017 / 04:48

    Very interesting! Didn’t knew such services existed!

  3. 10th March 2017 / 08:42

    decent idea

  4. 10th March 2017 / 18:18

    What a great post! This is something we should be thinking of a bit more, just in case.

  5. annalisanuttall
    10th March 2017 / 20:54

    What a lovely post and I should look into this service – it something I need. xx

  6. 10th March 2017 / 23:37

    Oh i never heard of it, with definitely think of their services as is very interesting!

  7. 11th March 2017 / 21:31

    What a great idea, I will definitely be looking into this!

  8. 13th March 2017 / 16:06

    After losing my Mom a few years ago, this is something I regularly think about sadly. I want to keep on top of everything so this sounds super handy

    • 13th March 2017 / 16:47

      ah, sorry to hear that. It is one of those things on my to do list, we have all out account info in one place so we are halfway there x

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