My Favourite Summer Shoes

My Favourite Summer Shoes

Pre children I had a pair of sandals that I adored. They went all over the world with me, Mexico, Eastern Europe, Russia, Australia and many places in between and I can only wonder at the number of miles I covered wearing them. They were, without a doubt, the comfiest and most hard-wearing pair of sandals I’ve owned and worth every single penny I paid.

Merrell UK Sandals reviewI was recently asked if I’d like to try out a pair of Merrell UK Sandals, and of course, jumped at the chance. My usual sandals are Sun Jellies and I liked the look of the Merrell UK ones, and thought they’d be a bit kinder on my feet after I’d been on a long run. I adore my Sun Jellies shoes, but after a long run and suffering a few blisters I was finding that they weren’t as comfortable to walk in anymore.

The Merrell UK shoes are great. They are super soft and comfy and after walking a fair few miles in them I can confirm they’re my new go to shoe for long walk with the children.

I was a bit worried about the colour as they’re a cream – a colour I would usually steer well clear of as Miss E is going through a phase of (purposely) standing on my feet all the time. However, they have stayed remarkably clean and have survived muddy wet fields (when Miss E decides she is going to go for a run and I have to chase after her!)

Merrell UK Sandals review

They’re made from a really durable material and there is a velcro strap that goes across the top of the foot which is easily adjusted – perfect for when I need a bit more support on my feet. The sole of the shoe is cushioned so they are super comfortable and I’ve worn them quite literally all day a few times when I’ve been out in parks with the children.

I think these sandals will last me as well as my original Merrell UK shoes that I bought some 11 years ago, although I’m not sure they will be quite as well-traveled! I think walking is such a good way to get out and explore and keep fit, and having a pair of shoes that are comfortable like these from Merrell are just the ticket.


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