Organising our Space

Organising our Space

I am guilty of getting itchy fit with our house – we have space (although I’d always like more!) but I’m not sure we have ever mastered the right way to organise things. We did a lot of work when we first moved in (and pre-children) but there is work that needs doing still, and there are a couple of room that need a repaint.

We spend a lot of time in the house – the children do projects and arty type things in the house, they play and they learn here. I like to have things readily accesible for them – especially their art and crafts bits and pieces.

We have recently been re-doing our dining room which doubles up as our learning space. We have permanently extended our table out – we always have papers spread out or things that they are making so it makes sense to leave the table large. I’ve also changed the way we store things from cupboards to easily accesible drawers to store their toys such as Duplo and Playmobil as well as making things like pens and paper readily accessible long with the spirograph and stamping sets that Em got for her birthday earlier in the year.

We have changed the colour too – gone is the ‘Proud Peacock’ teal green and in its place is a more muted grey. We may change this colour yet as we aren’t 100% sure about it, but a repaint has freshened up the room a lot.

Next up we are trying to sell a sideboard that is lovely, but just doesn’t work for us anymore. In its place will go some Ikea Kallax shelves, and my plan is to organise subject specific books and folders into these. September will see me re-plan what our Home Education looks like – we will become more organised now I know what works for us and I want to be able to readily access the things we want to do – and also allow the children to access and progress their work independently.

Ideally I’d love to be more minimalist, but I’m not sure home educating and three young children really match that ideal! I am trying though and I am pretty good at decluttering (well…. as long as you don’t ask me to declutter my book collections!) and am always dropping things off to charity shops when I can.

But it’s the little things that make the room a successful learning space – the accessible baskets of resources and the comfortable spots to sit and read. I think our dining room was so in need of a refresh that it had become a bit of a dumping ground. It isn’t finished yet – I have to sell the large sideboard and get the Kallax shelves up but when it’s sorted I think it will become a spot that the children will enjoy learning in, and one that is much more organised than it has been of late.

As well as getting some of the big furniture items sorted I want to get a few of the softer furnishings that really do finish off a room sorted. I’ve been taking a look at and their range of cushions and throws will add the finishing touches I am sure – you can’t beat snuggling up under a throw as the sun goes down.


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  1. 20th May 2018 / 11:54

    I love the term itchy fit, I’m not sure if I have fully mastered my space and how to use it, as the children grow and their needs change, you are constantly reassessing how the house works as a home and as an educational environment but enjoy the process.

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