7 Brilliant Books for Babies

7 Brilliant Books for Babies

It can sometimes feel that Mr H gets a little forgotten about when I’m planning the activities for the children. I often focus on the things that the older two have shown an interest in and then think about how I can make that work for H. Increasingly however he is wanting to get involved and play with them and one of the things I’ve really noticed as a change in him in the last five weeks or so is his interest in books.

Now he is mobile I pop him in his cot whilst I get a shower in the morning. Miss E takes it upon herself to keep him entertained, and this is usually achieved by reading to him. She really is very good with him and it’s most mornings that I will hear her reciting a story to him.

With that in mind, I wanted to share my top 7 brilliant books for babies – these are books that have been loved and enjoyed by the children at various stages and are regular reads here at our house. (Please note that links below are affiliate links)

Seven Brilliant Books for Babies to encourage early reading

The Very Hungry Caterpillar – is there a better baby book? We love ours and it’s a book that works so well. It teaches young children all about the caterpillar lifecycle as well as ideas of healthy foods. There’s an introduction to colours, counting and days of the week and it’s a book that has endless possibilities for crafting and play ideas. It’s a book we have turned to time and time again and one I can see we will continue to read together.

brilliant books for babies

The That’s Not My series from Usborne are big winners here. We have a fair few of the books and one of the favourites is That’s Not My Fox.  These books are beautiful and very appealing to little hands with all their touchy feely pages. There’s also the opportunity to teach little ones the parts of their body with some of the books in this series as well as talk to them about the textures they can feel as they stroke the various pages.

Where’s Mr Owl? is a lift the flap book with a difference. The flaps are made from felt so it’s a very different experience for little hands. There are lots of lovely bright images to look at in this book and lots of lovely animals for little ones to explore. Bright and bold illustrations and block colours really appeal to Mr H and I can let him explore the book without worrying that he might damage the flaps.

brilliant books for babies

One book that has been universally loved by all three children and one that the older two still like to read is Kiss. This is a story all about a postman bear who delivers various letters and parcels to his friends. It’s a lovely story to read full of rhyme and all three children enjoy reading this one. It really has stood the test of time for us,

For a novelty style book for slightly older babies we have been enjoying this Colour Me bath book with Mr H. It’s great as when the book gets wet the colours appear. I let him loose with this with a paint brush and water when I am doing something with the older two. It’s such a great idea and it’s good to talk about the colours such as the blue sea and the green sea weed.

If I Were a Whale is a book that Mr H is really interested in. We first looked at this a couple of weeks back and he was really engaged with it, touching the pages and going back to the book again and again. It’s a lovely rhyming book, which always seems to be a real winner for little children, and it’s a great way to introduce some facts to little children about the different whales in the different oceans. It’s a great book and one that we have looked at lots.

If I were a Whale

And my final brilliant book for babies is one that will always hold a special place for me – Say Goodnight to the Sleepy Animals. I picked up our copy when Mr D was just a few weeks old in a charity shop and it’s been well read and well loved ever since. It’s the perfect bedtime book and one that all three children enjoy reading. Mr H isn’t really at the stage of enjoying bedtime stories just yet; he is usually much too tired and restless and just wants his milk and a cuddle. However I have seen Miss E reading this to him in the mornings and he kicks away excitedly. It’s a brilliant book and one that we love.

What other brilliant books for babies would you recommend? And if you want to win a copy of If I Were a Whale (published by Sasquatch) then please do complete the rafflecopter below.

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  1. PAT
    29th May 2017 / 23:34

    I remember reading say goodnight to the sleepy animals to Daniel at bedtime, before you had Emma and Harry. It was always the last one we read. I love it.

  2. 1st June 2017 / 22:46

    Lovely post Sarah. A copy of The Very Hungry Caterpillar was the first thing I bought for Seb when I found out I was pregnant.

  3. cvnxena
    5th June 2017 / 23:22

    love this collection! We are avid readers and book people so always looking for more ways to incorporate reading and for this bump we will be doing the same so will have to bear these in mind!

  4. paula cheadle
    17th June 2017 / 12:16

    hungry caterpillar

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