We Travel So Far : Book Review

We Travel So Far : Book Review

We are so wonderfully lucky to receive some beautiful books to share across my social feeds and so many that it is impossible to dedicate full blog posts to them all. But there are some books that are simply special, and so very deserving of a post.

One such book arrived last week and is called We Travel so Far. This beauty of a book is written by Laura Knowles (of It starts with a seed which is one of the most exquisite books). The book is expertly illustrated by Chris Madden who, it seems, is local to me. All the best people are in Manchester 🙂

Anyhow, this book looks at the wonder that is migration – something that I find difficult to comprehend as a 30 something adult, let alone the children. The animal world is really spectacular and this book manages to convey that wonder in a fabulous way. It looks at the tiny Hummingbird as well as the enormous whale and everything in between including leatherback turtles, Emperor Penguins and the Arctic Tern.

we travel so far

The stories of 25 different animals are covered in this book and it is a wonderful book to sit and share. Mr D does football on a Thursday evening so, when Mr H is asleep I have some time just Miss E and I. We shared this book last week, snuggled up together on the sofa and she was completely mesmerised by it. She was enthralled by the story of the Whooping Cranes and I am sure we will come back to this book time and time again.

we travel so far migration book for children

It is the perfect addition to the home library and is sure to ignite interest in the fascinating and breathtaking journeys that so many animals take.

we travel so far - book all about migration for children - features 25 animals



  1. Pat
    27th September 2017 / 09:10

    Thats beautiful.

  2. 27th September 2017 / 10:06

    What a stunning looking book. I love books that teach children about the world around us in an easy to understand format

  3. 27th September 2017 / 20:38

    This sounds like a wonderful book, I love it when I find a really special book to share with my children.

  4. 28th September 2017 / 13:31

    Looks like a beautiful book. I love the illustrations and it looks like it has some more unusual animals in the book.

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