A Little trip to the theatre

A Little trip to the theatre

A month or so ago the children and I were invited to the launch of a new show at The Epstein Theatre in Liverpool. We had a lovely day out at our tiger tea party and yesterday we went back to see the actual show.

I was a little worried that at 15 months old, Emma might be a little young for the show and after my experience of taking Daniel to his first show a month or so ago I was a little concerned how he would react.

The three of us and my mum made the short journey over to Liverpool yesterday. I had been explaining to Daniel what we would be doing and he seemed a bit bemused. The Tiger who Came to Tea isn’t a book we have at home so they are not too familiar with the story but I think he understood we were going to the theatre. Emma just welcomed the chance to have a good sleep in the car on the way there!

picnicIt was quite a nice day so we got a sandwich and a drink and sat outside for a quick bite to eat before heading in. I’m not familiar with Liverpool city centre at all, so we didn’t venture too far from the car park and theatre. There are a few car parks situated very close by and it’s also a short walk from Liverpool Lime Street train station.

The Epstein is a lovely little theatre, and it has a really nice feel to it. I collected the tickets and we were seated on the front row. Emma sat with my mum and Daniel sat next to me. There were some school groups in too so the audience was, predominantly, children with just a small number of adults.

The show is set in the kitchen of the family home and there are just three actors who perform the whole thing. I loved how they just came out and quietly said hello, then got louder and louder – a lovely gentle introduction for young children and helped to get them excited by encouraging them to shout hello back! The lights them dimmed (and Daniel panicked and quickly came to sit on my knee) and the three actors then performed a short song which set the scene.

It was quite a different type of production to the Room on the Broom that I took Daniel to see not so long ago, and I think it worked better for him. It was much more aimed at young children (Room on the Broom was probably just a little too old for him) and throughout the show there are parts where audience participation is encouraged and Daniel was getting into this a little, although not quite as enthusiastically as he might, but he was quite engaged with it. Emma was too (so long as she had a steady supply of chocolate buttons – she was tired and a bit restless so a few chocolate buttons helped keep her quiet!).

The main show piece is, of course, the tiger and this is done brilliantly. The actor who played this part is really tall so, when in the tiger outfit, he is quite imposing. All the children in the audience loved the tiger and the tiger-obics part when the tiger, Sophie and Mummy dance is brilliant (as is getting the audience involved too).

Emma particularly enjoyed this part and was waving away to the Tiger and moving herself around to the music.

All in all we had a great time watching this show and the theatre itself is wonderful. It is only small. but I like this for theatre productions – especially when I have Daniel and Emma with me. The show is just under an hour long which I think is the right length for the age group. That said all the children there were really engaged in the show and I’m sure would have stayed engaged for a little longer too.

Now I know that Emma was OK with the theatre and Daniel was much more comfortable this time around I will be keeping an eye on future shows coming up. Liverpool is only an hour away for us so it’s great to have another theatre venue to take the children too. They have just announced their Pantomine for this year – Cinderella and Callum Best will be starring in this… so maybe one to take Daniel and Emma to. as a Christmas treat.

The Tiger who Came To Tea runs at the Epstein Theatre, Liverpool, until Sunday 14th June, and tickets are priced at £12. For more information see here.

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  1. Pat
    11th June 2015 / 14:17

    It was brilliant. I love this theatre it’s a lovely size and this production was just right for Daniel and Emma.

  2. 12th June 2015 / 23:50

    Awww sounds like a great trip. I wouldn’t think to take M but now I wonder if maybe we could? Never seems to be much up this way though

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