St Marks, Bredbury Open Day 2016

St Marks, Bredbury Open Day 2016

Over the weekend a local church, St Marks in Bredbury held an open day. It’s a church that we pass regularly as we get on with our day to day life, but it isn’t a church I’ve ever been in.

I thought we would pop along. It was a free event and it’s always good to be aware of your local history and heritage. Churches can tell us so much about the history of an area and it was no exception yesterday.

We visited a local church open day - learn more here

We arrived and the church looked spectacular set against the clear bright blue sky. It really was a perfect day. We headed in and it was a good opportunity to talk to Mr D about the set up of the church and how it was similar or different to other churches we had visited. We had a look at the altar and then headed over to some activities that were taking place for the children.

We stopped for a coffee and a slice of cake (which was very very nice) before heading up to the bell tower to have a go at ringing the bells.

This was brilliant. I often hear the bells ringing on Sunday’s and Wednesday evenings (practice night) and it was great to get a chance to have a go, as well as let the children see how they work and have a go too. They both loved doing this and it was the first thing that they told Damian when he was home from work.

St Marks Bredbury

We then had another wander around the church and I had a good look at the pictures of the local area from various stages in time. This always really fascinates me and makes me wonder why some decisions were made to pull down lovely areas to replace with not so great looking buildings.

St Marks Bredbury

I then managed to find a bench in the shade to feed Mr H and the children had a go on the bouncy castle.

All in all a lovely hour or so exploring a local landmark and getting to learn a little more about our local area. I’m also tempted to join the bell ringing group on a Wednesday evening, and it is something I’ll be encouraging the children to consider when they’re older.


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