Dreaming of a Bedroom Update

Dreaming of a Bedroom Update

Regular readers will know that we have been doing our living room over the past few months and it’s now more or less complete, we just need a rug and some new curtains and we are done. It got me thinking about other rooms in the house I’d like to freshen up and I’m not dreaming of a bedroom update.

We painted our bedroom not long before Daniel arrived and it still looks fresh so doesn’t really need painting, but we never really got around to completing the soft furnishings side of things, so I think I will be finally doing that soon. There aren’t many things I want but I think there are a couple of items that would make it more personal and ‘homely’ for us. I’ve grown a bit bored of the colours we have in there now (it’s a soft yellow with the chimney breast painted in ‘forest fruits’ colour) and ideally I’d be planning a whole new room but…. Well… I think Damian might threaten divorce if I tell him I want another large room painting!

Yorkshire Linen VoileFirstly, I would like to add something like these organza voile curtains from Yorkshire Linen Company. These would look lovely as the sunlight comes through in the morning and catches the sequins and are a nice way to add a bit of sparkle to those darker winter months. Another option would be custom made curtains, which would really personalise the room.

Our room is quite a generous size and I want to add in some pictures. I think maybe a large canvas of the children to go above our bed and then maybe some smaller pictures around it. I also quite like the idea of a picture shelf like these from Ikea. We have two of the smaller ones downstairs which we display some of the children’s art work on and I think they are such a great way of displaying pictures. I really like the idea of a timeline of images charting the children growing up, it would be lovely to add to over the year.

One indulgence we have made it to buy good quality and expensive bedding. I do quite like the bedding we have at the moment but I think a lovely bright colour would make it feel much more summery and I like the look of this from Debenhams  I think it would make it feel much more summery than our current set. Bedding is always expensive but I think it is well worth making the investment.


Finally, I want a lovely large rug. We had planned to get a large rug for the end of the bed but we never seem to have got around to that for some reason. These children seem to eat all our spare time (and money!). I think when we look for the rug for the living room we will be taking a look at some for the bedroom too. I’m thinking something with a neutral colour to it, maybe something like this Slumber Rug from Dunelm Mill might work. We had the floorboards stripped and waxed and they are a lovely colour so something like this would be great.

I think the addition of these ‘softer’ elements would really help our bedroom feel more like ‘our’ space, and might be a compromise with Damian as I really want it repainted but he isn’t up for that at the moment…. Unless I can convince him to just change the colour on the chimney breast……


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