Choosing our Christmas Outfits

Choosing our Christmas Outfits

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This year, Christmas will look a little different for us. We have, since being married, travelled around from place to place and, if I’m honest as nice as it is having dinner prepared for us it does get a bit tiring driving from place to place and not being able to have a drink and just relax. Last year we had planned to have dinner at home, but things didn’t quite work out in the wider family but this year we have decided to stay at home for the day and we are really looking forward to it.

We like to make an effort with Christmas outfits, and Damian will treat himself to a new shirt, and I’ll get a new dress or top to wear, and the children get smart outfits too. This year the children have outfits for the nativity that they’re participating in and I am sure they’re going to want to wear them on Christmas Day too – Emma is an angel, so at least her outfit is sparkly, but Harry is a star (which might prove problematic for when he is eating dinner!) and Daniel is a sheep…..

I’ve been checking out the outfits from Dsquared Clothing for Damian. There are some really nice long sleeve shirts as well as some really nice looking knitwear tops – perfect for Christmas day when you want to be a little smarter but also comfortable.

I’ve already got myself a new skirt for this year – I’m just hoping I can lose another half an inch off my hips between now and Christmas so it fits just a little better. It’s a lovely black and silver one, and I intend to either wear with some new shoes I bought earlier in the month or my boots. I have a jumper I bought last year, but as I’m going to be cooking I think I might look for a lighter top to wear instead – otherwise I might get a bit too warm!

I also really like getting out for a good walk over Christmas, that time between Christmas and New Year is a great time for exploring places and I hope we can get to perhaps Dovestone (which is close by) or perhaps to Etherow for a good walk. I do enjoy getting wrapped up and getting the children in their waterproofs and wellies and letting them just run loose. Last year for my birthday the children chose me a lovely stripy hat which is a firm favourite. They’ve said they want to get Damian a hat for Christmas this year (he doesn’t have a good winter hat) and we have been looking at the Men’s DSquared cap – there are some lovely beanies that are a simple but effective design and just the sort of thing Damian would like.

Dressing up for Christmas is one of the things I enjoy, and it does seem to add to the specialness of the day and the occasion by making that little bit of extra effort to dress up it adds to the fun of the day.


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